It's Just Hair: Why I Dye Mine All The Time

I've been coloring my hair since I was in fifth grade.
Publish date:
November 12, 2013
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I was born a huge baby with no hair. My parents tell me I
didn’t get hair until I was, like, eight, but I’m pretty sure it was closer to three.

When I did eventually start to grow some hair, it was beautiful and soft and
blonde and perfect. I felt so special because not many of my friends had blonde
hair, and my queen, Britney Spears, had blonde hair and naturally I was going to
be just like her one day.

However, a terrible tragedy happened to me in fifth grade.
No, not my period in the middle of class bleeding through the back of my pants. I started to get brown roots.

I felt robbed. Yes, my parents both have
brown hair, but I was in fifth grade and knew nothing about Punnett Squares. I
was pissed.

But who was even more pissed? My mom. No way would she have a
brunette daughter. Blonde meant I could continue my career as the best window
model at The Children’s Place store in the mall.

So she started taking me all the way to Orlando to some
stylist to get my roots covered. I was bleaching my roots in the fifth grade,
and I loved every second of it.

I went and got my hair dyed once
every three months and you bet I took pictures of Godney Spears with me every time.
While doing this gave me a beauty obsession early in life, it also made me
realize hair is just hair. I could change it every three months and if I hated
it, I could change it back. It grows back and you can color it anything you

I’m one of those people who make the joke about not knowing what my
natural hair color is. I don’t do it to be funny, I do it because it’s kind of

The summer before seventh grade, I
decided I was sick of the bleaching and wanted something SO different. So I
decided to become a brunette. It was a much
quicker appointment than all of my other ones and my friends gushed when I
walked into school on the first day. In fact, every time I’ve dyed my hair
(which is a lot), I’ve gotten so much attention. MAYBE THAT’S WHY I

Also, I should note that this was
around the time of brown-haired Britney’s Onyx Hotel Tour. Coincidence?

After dying my hair brown, I
realized I could change it to any color I wanted, whenever I wanted. I could go
a deep chocolate brown or I could get wacky colors and chunky highlights, which
I indeed did do and it resulted in this:

Throughout high school, I changed
between boring shades of brown. I had a hair stylist I really liked, and I
would only change within one to two shades each time. I did always like my hair
when it was darker, though, but I knew that even if I got highlights, I could
always go back.

When I got to college, I was
really ready for a change after being just plain brunette for four years. I
went through A LOT of colors and my friends would always be confused when I’d
answer “I got bored” after they asked why I dyed it again.

Yes, I have examples.

The first time I tried to become
the blonde of my youth was a fiasco. I had to get my hair bleached a lot and it always ended up being some
orange-y color. We cannot all be perfect blondes like Annie.

After that, I wanted to go darker,
but I didn’t want just brown. I wanted red. Real Red. I hadn’t tried to go back
to red since the ugly bangs fiasco of 2005, but I figured why not try again? I
had a really hip stylist who was willing to do anything and loved having
someone like me who was up for anything, and as I’ve said like a billion
million times already, I could always go buy a cheap box of Nice & Easy and
take care of it if I looked hideous.

But my ultimate favorite of all
the hair colors I have had, was a dye job I did myself. I was going through a
Katy Perry obsession (and I am again, which is why I want to do this again), so
I went black. And it rocked. It was always shiny and soft and I felt really
edgy (do edgy people own 10 pairs of Old Navy’s bright shorts?).

I loved it so much, and I really
miss it. This past year I was ombre, and I just recently went
really dark brown. But I
have an appointment in December right before my birthday to color it again. I
thought I was just going to touch up the color I have, but I am already itching
to change it. Like I said above, I love Katy Perry right now (sorry, not sorry)
and I really want to do this:

I have never been apprehensive
about changing my hair before, but this is purple and I have a real job now.
I’m not in high school or college anymore. I have to go to real meetings and
stuff. I know it’s just hair, and I probably will do it, but it just sucks that
I may not be taken seriously for making a tiny change/expressing myself.

do you guys think? Do it anyway? I’m like 80% sure
I’m going to, so if you need proof it’s going to look OK, I Photoshopped this
for all of us (mainly for my anxiety).

Plus, I can always change it back.