Two Humidity-Resistant Hairstyles That Look Cute In Any Climate

But they're especially pretty--and practical--in tropical Miami.
Publish date:
April 2, 2014
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It’s official: Miami is one of my favourite places in the entire world.

Maybe it’s the beautiful weather and the incredible natural backdrop, but there’s something in the air that makes the entire city feel alive. From brightly coloured buildings to incredibly friendly and fun people, I’m not sure I’ve ever felt so welcome and inspired by a new place.

One thing I’ve definitely noticed is that when it comes to beauty, Miami brings its A-game. People here go full-on when it comes to glamour: I’m talking fake eyelashes on the beach, bright blue lipstick at the grocery store, and the longest, most elegant manicures I’ve ever seen. Everyone seems willing to take a lot of beauty risks, and even if some of those risks aren’t my personal style, I LOVE that they’re happening at all. It’s really wonderful to look around and see personal flair happening everywhere!

One of the most wonderful things I’ve seen in Miami is the hair. Everyone here is taking what they’ve got (or what they want to have) and wearing the HECK out of it. From the very expensively bleached, long, blonde extensions to short, slicked-back pixies, Miami women do not let the heat come between them and a gorgeous hairstyle. Even simple topknots are decorated with flowers. Braids are piled up high and woven into the most elaborate updos. Beach waves are worn loose with bright clips to keep it out of one’s eyes.

Miami’s hair style, in short, is individualistic. It’s eccentric. It’s beautifully executed. It’s inspiration everywhere you look.

I myself have gotten a fair bit of attention for my own hair, which isn’t something that I’m used to. As Allegra pointed out, not many people in Miami have straight-across, thick bangs, because the humidity doesn’t really allow for them. In Chicago, this is a pretty common hairstyle; here, people react to me like I’m a unicorn.

If only they knew that if left to my own devices, my hair expands to a gigantic size when exposed to moisture--and my bangs are the worst offenders of all.

Fortunately, I have frizz- and puff-proofed it with the aid of Bed Head TIGI Control Freak. This glittery, green, gel-like product smooths and softens my crazy hair, in addition to preventing my bangs from running wild when Florida thunderstorms loom. All that I do is run it through my hair while it’s wet, concentrating on the front, then blow it dry with a round brush as normal.

As my bob gets a little longer, I notice that my natural wave gets more obvious. I love my wavy hair, but I don’t want it blowing around and getting in my face all the time while I’m on boats.

Instead, I’ve been opting to twist a section back on either side of my head, then clip it down with a metallic barrette.

This lets my natural texture come out to play without annoying me, and if it rains and gets extra-curly, oh well! This style looks even better!

But then there are the days where I’ve been in the pool all day, my hair is a little dry from chlorine even though I’ve washed it, and it just won’t cooperate. Those days I still want to look glamourous... so I look to one of the eight silk scarves that I packed.

Giant head bows are my go-to trick when my hair is dirty or I’m not feeling my sunshine-y best or I’m a bit lazy and can’t stand the thought of straightening or curling. I always get a lot of compliments when I wear a scarf like this, so I’m going to show you guys how to tie one yourself. Instant tropical glamour!

I always wear this with my hair pulled back in a loose bun or a low ponytails, but you can also wear it down, or with parts in front, or however you like.

The sky is the limit with scarf bows! Go forth and be Miami glamourous!