A Question for Short-Haired Girls, Plus COTW

Of course, everyone is welcome to weigh in regardless of hair length or gender.
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November 14, 2015
short hair, cotw, hats

There are a lot of things to love about short hair, which is why I haven't looked back since cutting off my hair more than five years ago. It's a cinch to wash and dry quickly, I barely have to do anything to style it, and I like how it shows off my face.

There is one major downside of short hair, however: hats.

To be honest, I've never looked great in hats for some reason (it's the bane of my existence) but the problem definitely seems magnified by my short hair. Maybe it's a brain thing, but I had no problem feeling glamorous in hats when I had long hair thanks to those Adorna by Milano hair extensions.

After a few years of struggle, I think I've figured it out somewhat—at least for knit hats (for any other kind, all bets are off). The key seems to be having some hair peeking out above my forehead so that I don't appear totally bald. That, and lipstick. Because lipstick always helps.

But please, give me advice if you've got it on how to wear hats. After all, it's getting chilly, and warm hats are now a necessity. I'm especially curious to hear from others with short hair.

But first, here are your Comments of the Week!

1. Anyone who has ever attempted a cat eye at least once in their life will agree that "rmembrhalloween" had the best beauty dream ever:

i once had a suuuper vivid dream that i had telekinesis and the main thing that i remember doing with it was doing eyeliner wings and being super proud when they were symmetrical. that was a really disappointing dream to wake up from, and i still miss it

2. "Mapsandpeaches" had us all wishing that this store full of beauty products that look like magic potions actually exists:

Mostly I want to buy everything in the store from Practical Magic, which I watched (for the fifth time over) last night, but those products are fictional and that shop does not exist, so...

3. "collier" has a good tip if you're looking for a non-traditional nude lipstick:

Haaaa, I actually kinda dig the "match-your-nips-nude" look on you, but that might be partially because of the "are you even serious with this" face you're making. Also! Lipstick Queen's "Saints" line, which I have just now discovered, has LOADS of things that fall into the general "nudes" range. Recently got the one called Berry, which is actually kind of a brown with a mulled-wine tinge, and it's excellent. They feel really nice on, and don't seem to get streaky like a lot of very glossy semi-sheer lipsticks do.

4. "Vintage Seltzer" is sooooo spot-on about fitness trackers:

I would pay a lot more for a fitness tracker that was smaller - my biggest issue with all of the trackers on the market (including this one) is that even the fitbit one and flex are sizable when it comes to concealing them in jewelry. The Tory Burch line is cute, but the bracelets are still bulky and heavy, and personally, I'm not a fan of longer necklaces. Tech Gods! Make me something that can be concealed in a simple bangle bracelet and I will throw money at you!

5. "Miss N. Thrope" is here to drop a major mascara truth-bomb:

I'm convinced Great Lash's eternal dominance on "best mascara" lists is a conspiracy, cooked up by Big Mascara. It does nothing--at best, it's a lash tint. I always cocktail mascaras, and have found that Benefit's Roller Lash is a great base for like, any other mascara; it curls and lifts the lashes and then you can add what you want. Roller Lash plus Stila's Extreme Lash equals glorious lash paDOW.

6. Finally, I had to share this hilarious story from "LadyElectron" about scent association gone wrong:

when i was 14 there was a boy I was in love with and i thought he smelled amazing. one day, taking a shower, i caught a whiff of a scent that smelled just like him. I tracked it down, and you know what the source was? A musty old shower loofa. Turns out, teenage boys who spend to much time in their basement smell kinda musty.

  • Does anyone else feel like a total dork in hats? Does your hairstyle affect this at all?
  • If you have (or have had) short hair, what's your relationships with hats like?