4 Ways To Wear A Headband (Even If You Have Bangs)

Headbands have come a long way since grade school.

Happy Friday, everyone! Ever since I decided to grow out my bangs they've been driving me crazy. So what better time to make a video about wearing headbands?

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Here are the four styles I cover in the video:

1. The classic, aka The Blair Waldorf. Quick, easy, works for everyone. Starts at 0:422. Bangs out (but not like that). It may not keep your bangs out of your life, but it'll add some color to your awesome hair. At 1:093. The easy updo. THIS HAIRSTYLE HAS EVERYTHING: Volume! Teasing! Twisty coils! A mini beehive! At 1:454. WINTER IS COMING. You don't want your ears to get cold, right? RIGHT. A great flapper-inspired style to keep you warm without sacrificing your style. At 2:58

And that's not all: I want you to Facebook, Tweet and Instagram me your headband pictures! Do it nowwww, I have a mighty need to see your majestic hairstyles. It's Friday, after all.

  • So tell me: what are your favorite ways to wear headbands?
  • What are your favorite KINDS of headbands?
  • Anyone else hate the hard plastic ones with the fire of a thousand suns?