You Asked: How Can I Avoid Smushed Hat Bangs All Winter?

Hats and bangs do not have to be enemies! Here are my tips for keeping your fringe totally perfect all winter long.
Publish date:
December 9, 2013
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As the weather cools, one question I’ve been asked a lot goes a little something like:

“Oh my Glob, Alle! How do I wear hats so that I don’t have smushed bangs all winter?”

An excellent question! I have a multi-pronged approach to the hat-bangs question, which I’m sure is no surprise, so let’s jump right in and get to looking FRESH TO DEATH.

(I hope you guys are cool with a bunch of Lumpy Space Princess quotes in this article, because it’s happening.)

First, I always trim my bangs a little shorter in winter than I do the rest of the year. The reason for this is that in warmer weather, my fringe has a little bounce in it thanks to being blow-dried with a round brush. That bounce pulls my bangs up a little and makes them sit a little shorter on my head, so they can get a little bit longer than I’d let them be if they were dead straight.

In winter, though, that changes. Because hats push your bangs down, they crush out the curl from the round brush. Suddenly your perfect summertime length is getting in your eyes and driving you crazy. So I accommodate that with a slightly shorter trim, as demonstrated in this picture. Get ready for some awesome drawing:

This means my bangs can lie flatter to my head and not look goofy! This is very important to me, as it is very embarrassing for we Vulcans to have goofy bangs.

Second, I position my hats carefully. I am a big fan of slouchy beanies, which I generally get from the little girls' section of Zara because I have a small head (true story). I make sure that I position the hat right at the base of my bangs--on me, this is where they come to a point at my part, but depending on the shape and style of fringe you have, it may be different for you.

DON’T put the hat up onto the bangs themselves, as you can end up with hair-dents that way.

This applies no matter what hat I’m wearing. I have a couple hats that cover my ears (Chicago is SO COLD) and I find that setting them a little further back on my head really cuts down on bang issues. My ears are still covered and I stay toasty warm, but my hair also doesn’t look a fright!

Third, I carry a little comb. Before I left for New York I bought this adorable wool cloche, suspecting that it would look lumpin’ adorable with my new bob. I was totally right.

But with said cloche came some unfortunate added bang-smoosh. I found that carrying a fine-toothed comb in my purse helped with that. I just take off the hat, run the comb through and I’m totally presentable.

Finally, I make sure my bangs are clean. Because of all this hat-smushing and general seasonal weirdness, my hair gets a little greasier in the colder months. And when you have bangs, you know that grease is not your friend. Because forehead zits. And because gross. I like my nice bangs, you know?

BUT. Because my hair is coarse and wavy, it does not like to be washed more than twice a week. I am still looking for a dry shampoo that works for me and doesn’t smell like baby powder--you guys know how I hate smells. So what’s a girl to do?

Easy peasy. I just pull the rest of my hair into a stubby ponytail and wash only my bangs with a tiny blob of shampoo. Then I blow them out. This way, the rest of my hair stays happy and healthy and doesn’t get over-washed, and my bangs don’t look like an oil slick. Everyone is pleased! Especially me!

I hope this is helpful! As always, if you have a question for me, holler in the comments, send me an email, hit me up on Twitter, AND NOW ALSO drop me a line on Facebook! Also, Lumpy Space Princess party in the comments, please.