3 Ways And 1 Good Reason To Wear A Flower In Your Hair

And that reason is: it's just really pretty, duh.
Publish date:
May 8, 2013
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Neither of us are the flower-power, guitar-strumming type (well, Pia likes to try). When we go out, it’s sky-high heels, glam hair and generous amounts of lip gloss.

So when we talk about wearing flowers, we definitely aren’t talking the au naturel, are-you-going-to-San-Francisco look. We use it as a simple yet bold hair accessory, and we’ve found it often makes the night more interesting.

We remember one birthday when our whole group of friends was wearing them, and people thought we were part of some dance troop. It caused for some pretty entertaining conversation (you know, when you and your friends change your names and backstory just for kicks). On other nights, we’ve estimated that three out of four guys have complimented the look or used it to segue into conversation.

It was our best friend who first turned us on to wearing flowers, and it was she who demonstrated the true versatility of the accessory. She’ll always be sporting some sort of spikes, a snakebone necklace, heels that look like vertebrae--but the one constant is a bright flower in her hair is a key accessory.

Not only is a big bright flower eye-catching, it’s a great conversation starter. We’ve noticed it kind of puts guys at ease. Instead of asking to buy you a drink and getting shut down with the “leave me alone” look (come on, we’ve all done it), they see something unusual and pretty in the hair flower and compliment it. They dodge a bullet, and you avoid awkwardly laughing at another dumb joke.

More important than a guy finding you more approachable or attractive, there’s something about a flower that makes you feel pretty. It adds a natural femininity to your look that makes you feel good and helps you stand out, which, in turn, adds to your confidence--and that is attractive.

After taking notice of all the compliments our friend received, we decided to give it a go. We tried and found three pretty ways to wear it.


We have straight hair, and it’s tough to make a flower stay put without slipping. If you have hair like ours, putting a few curls into your hair with a curling iron and misting with light hairspray will give your hair enough texture to hold onto the flower.

Using a clip you can find at any beauty supply store, just take the flower and pick up a small section on one side of your head, much like those fun butterfly clips from back in the day (if you’re a ‘90s kid) and clip.


If you like wearing your hair up, add some oomph to an everyday bun with a flower.

You can clip it on either side of your head, close to where your bun starts, past your ears. Wearing it above or in front of your ears will make it look like it’s randomly stuck onto your head. You can also attach small flowers into the bun itself.


Pia pretty much always has her hair down because she thinks she has elf ears. To dress up an everyday down style, twist a section of hair from either side of your hair back until they meet. Tie them together for extra hold if you’re hair is thick, and secure the flower into place.

Do you ever wear a flower in your hair? Have you found you get hit on more often when you do? Report back with your scientific findings.