How To Use Spin Pins: 5 Hairstyles, 2 Pins

I'm addicted to these stellar little multi-taskers!
Publish date:
February 5, 2015
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Three letters came to mind the first time I laid eyes on one of Goody’s Simple Styles Spin Pins: WTF. These twirly contraptions look like some sort of trendy cat toy, or at the very least a hair device that’ll turn your strands into a tangled bird’s nest.

Um, not so. Let’s just say my first spin pin experience was mind-blowing. Just two pins kept my then long hair securely twirled into a bun. And twisting the pins out was a cinch. These days, I like to consider myself a spin pin pro. Here are five ways I'm using them, two of them to be exact.

Voluminous Top Knot

This is the most basic of spin pin styles, but it looks ridiculously sophisticated. Pile hair on top of the head, create a standard top knot, and twist in the pins through the bun in an X formation. Gently tug on hairs at the crown and in the bun to create volume.

Low, Wrapped Bun

Create and secure a bun with one pin at the nape of your neck, but leave out an inch-thick strand of hair--it doesn’t matter which side it comes from. Next, wrap the strand around the bun and secure with the second pin. It’ll look like you somehow secured your hair with, well, more hair, but no one has to know it was a whole lot simpler than that.

This style is best for those with shorter hair, but a third or fourth pin makes it doable for longer tresses. Gather hair at the nape of the neck, as if you’re about to create a ponytail there. Then, pull the pony upward and begin twisting into the hair at the back of the head. Once all hair is part of the twist, twirl a pin upward into the twist from the nape, and another downward from the top of the twist. So chic!

This tip is so useful that I literally use it every night. Before bed--or a few hours before you go out--spritz hair with sea salt spray or texturizer. Put hair into the aforementioned voluminous top knot, and simply…sleep on it. When you wake up, twist out the pins and finger comb your sexy new waves. Finish with hairspray for a little extra hold.

And now for a spin pin hack.

Bejeweled Updo

I happened to pick up a pretty, floral spin pin that Goody released a few years ago, which I’m using here. However, you can also use hot glue or super glue with any number of items to make a bold statement such as this. I suggest looping and tying ribbons to the top of the coil, or gluing fake flowers or costume jewelry up there. From here, create any of the above styles as usual.

  • Are you as into spin pins as I am?
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