Rag Curler Hairstyle: Flat On Top, Frizzy On The Bottom

The easy “business on top, party on the bottom” hairstyle you can do in your sleep.
Publish date:
November 6, 2014
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Frizzy hair isn’t exactly something most people are dying to achieve, but for this look, we’re going to break the rules.

First, take some old fabric and cut it into strips to make rag curlers.

An old T-shirt is a good option, and non-stretch fabric is easier to work with. My strips were about 2 inches wide and 18-20 inches long.

Slightly dampen your hair with some water.

I used Lush Eau Roma toner because I’m fancy.

Now begin to roll sections of your hair up with the rags.

Start the curls from just above the ears so that the top portion remains straight. Tie ends of the fabric together when you're done rolling.

You’ll end up looking something like this.

Let the curls set, ideally overnight.

After you remove the rag curlers, you’re going to want to brush the curls out to get your hair all big.

I added hoop earrings and a wine lip for maximum drama.

  • Are you into frizzy hair, or is this a big no?
  • Have you dabbled in the world of rag curling?