How To Use Hot Rollers To Fake A Red Carpet Blow-Out

Hot rollers have come a long way since Conair.
Publish date:
February 4, 2015
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It's awards season and I have red carpet hair on the brain, mostly of the voluminous, perfectly blown-out variety. Which brings me to my new favorite beauty gadget: Paul Mitchell Neuro Tools Hot Rollers ($180).

Each rod heats up in eight seconds or less--at your chosen level of heat for fine, medium, or coarse hair--giving you full control over the amount of va-va-voom you want to add. Check them out in action... (Psst! This is my first xoVideo, guys!)

Video by Darnell Scott

Just like the old school jams, you simply heat, twist up, and allow to cool, but unlike the old school jams (those pointy, hard plastic rollers that were oft too hot for delicate strands) these velvet flocked rollers distribute heat evenly and safely. Instead of long term, direct heat, which can cause breakage and split ends, the velvet insulates the roller so your hair is heated only enough to create curl.

A great gift for the blow dryer challenged, as well as the girl who takes too long to operate an iron, the Neuro Rollers not only save time, but work consistently. You can create more curl by placing the rollers in smaller sections, or opt for big, sexy Salma Hayek-like curls with just a bend in the ends.

I used to enjoy using my mom’s Conair rollers back in the day, so this beauty ritual feels familiar and special, but without the (very) hot rollers that were tricky to use and didn’t always work out as planned.

At $180, these rollers aren't cheap, but if you're someone who invests in hot tools and/or likes to sport a big, bouncy blow-out often, the system offers a simple, healthier way to heat style your hair.

Think of hot rollers as the slow cooker of hot tools--but instead of chili, you get beautiful body and bounce that can be tricky to achieve without a pro.

  • How often do you use hot rollers?
  • Ever tried these?
  • Do you get inspired by the hairstyles at awards shows? Any that you've tried IRL? Pics in the comments if you've got 'em.