How To Turn Pigtail Braids Into A Fancypants Updo

This is proof that if you’re comfortable with a few simple techniques, you can turn them into intricate-looking but not-at-all-difficult styles.
Publish date:
April 17, 2014
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Elaborate updos are awesome. Nothing
gives me that strange combo feeling of envy and admiration quite like a lady
with fancy, well-coiffed hair that obviously took tons of time and effort.

while I like doing my hair, sometimes I want it off of my face, looking classy,
without actually doing all that work. And on top of that, all those intricate
twists can be really intimidating.

At some point, though, I realized most
extravagant updos are really just combinations of super-simple basics that
anyone can do. If you have a hair arsenal of things like braids, twists and
buns, you can use those in different combinations to make all kinds of complex
results. You’ll wind up with something that looks elaborate but is actually
extremely easy.

One of those boring starting points?
Pigtail braids. Yes, the hairstyle that was all the rage in fourth grade can be
remixed into some really elegant updos suitable for that classy afternoon tea
you’re going to this weekend. Or, you know, for buying groceries.

We’re breaking this up into two parts, and today I’ll show you a braided headband/crown/crownband(?) that takes
longer to name than it does to do. A little bit Woodstock, a little bit
Khaleesi, it looks cool but is also pretty relaxed.

And there you go!

If you were cooler
than me and/or headed to a garden tea party, this would look awesome with some
flowers tucked into the braids. Either way, it’s whimsical, fun and refined. A
win for lazy braiders everywhere, I’d say.

You can do a lot more from this starting
point, and this is only
scratching the surface of complicated updos you can do with hair basics. If
you’re comfortable with a toolbox of simple techniques,
you can turn those into all sorts of fancy stuff.

Do you strive for the most
extreme ratio of minimum effort to maximum payoff, too? What inspirational(ly bad)
things were you doing to your hair in grade school?