How To Trim Your Own Hair At Home If You Can't Be Bothered To Visit The Salon

My boyfriend's sister bravely let me demonstrate how for you.
Publish date:
February 21, 2014
How-To, haircuts, trims, DIY, split ends

all know the number-one rule of having beautiful, long, flowing hair one day:
regular trims. Trimming split ends off regularly--every 8 to 12 weeks is
recommended--allows your hair to grow with less breakage and thinning.

Since we
here are such a tight knit, close community, I feel I can be completely honest
with you: ain’t nobody got time for that. Seriously. I don’t mean to revive an
overused meme, but it’s the truth.

most of us, frequent trips to the hairdresser equal time and money lost, not to
mention heartbreak when a “small trim” turns into what is essentially a loss of
what you have been growing out for the past few months. We’ve all been there.

all these factors leave you frustrated, with split ends and little hope, you
can trim your hair at home in desperation with this easy trick I have learnt.

we begin, let’s talk scissors. If you aren’t prepared to use the correct
scissors, you might as well leave those ends intact, because using dull shears
will give you split ends anyway. In other words, do not use your kitchen
scissors, do not use your nail scissors, do not use your paper scissors, do not
use your gardening scissors, do not use your craft scissors. You need “for my hair
only” scissors; you can buy decent shears at a beauty supply store. They don’t
even have to be expensive, as long as they’re sharp enough.

that my hefty disclaimer is out of the way, let us begin. But, again, only with
the correct scissors. I’m trusting you on this.

you need to separate your hair into four sections, starting with equal sections
down the back, and another section from behind your ear. Make sure your
sectioning is even. Brush the hair to ensure that it is smooth.

doing each section at a time, twist the hair you are working on.

carefully, run your fingers along the twist to loosen up any shaggy, stray
hairs. Slowly, trim away any loose split ends you see in your twist. Better to be
precise than make any mistakes.

that is done, go to the bottom of your twist and trim off the length. Be sure
to trim off enough that all the white-dotted split ends are gone.

you’re done, put your scissors parallel to the hair and cut into the twist a
little bit. This is just to ensure your hair isn’t cut dead-straight (although the
twisting mechanism also helps with this a lot).

done! Move onto the next section and repeat. Make sure to sit straight and keep
a track of the amount of hair you are taking off each twist. You can pull the
hair forward toward your chin when you are done to measure any inconsistencies.

method really does work but, as I have mentioned a million times, only if your
scissors are correct and only if you have some patience. I wouldn’t recommend
doing any big chops this way, but I’m not here to tell you how to live your
life (but please don’t give yourself a pixie cut with this method). This is
really just an
I-need-to-get-rid-of-these-gross-ends-but-I-have-no-money-or-time sort of
technique. The INTGROTGEBIHNMOT technique, if you will.

you ever cut your own hair? Would you try the INTGROTGEBIHNMOT technique?