How To Trim Your Own Bangs

I made a video, complete with Australian accent, to show you exactly how to flawlessly trim your bangs (or fringe, depending on where you're from). PLUS: 10 bonus tips!
Publish date:
May 22, 2013
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If there’s been one constant in my life, it’s blunt bangs. No matter how many times my hair colour has changed, I’ve always had a fringe.

Sometimes you just find something that works, you know?

One of the things that makes me really sad is when people say something to the effect of “I’ve always wanted bangs, but they’re so much work / I’d never be able to keep up with them / I can’t afford to go to the salon every other week to get them trimmed.”

Bad Beauty Writer Confession Time: I get my hair cut maaaaaybe every three months, and I haven’t let anyone touch my bangs since The Great Feathery Fringe Incident of aught-three. I always cut them myself now because I know I’ll get them right. Plus, I don’t have to put on pants and leave my house. Win-win.

This means I have a wealth of bangs-trimming knowledge that I’m going to share with you! Enjoy the following video, where you can hear my goofy accent FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER IN LIFE!

Man. Sometimes you think you’ve beaten your typically Aussie rising inflection? That makes everything? Sound like a question? And then you realise that you really haven’t. Maybe it’s a nerves thing; I’ll be more relaxed next time.

Some additional wisdom:

  • Straight bangs are never really straight because human faces aren’t perfectly symmetrical. Consider your brows: almost everyone has one eyebrow slightly higher than the other (on me, it’s my right). If I had totally ruler-straight bangs, my face would look crooked--my hair would be half an inch from my left eyebrow, and a quarter of an inch from my right. Wonky! To control for this, I always cut a very slight angle so that the right side is ever so slightly shorter than the left. This means the proportions of my bangs remains the same on both sides of my face, which is the most important thing. And nobody has ever noticed that my fringe is oh-so-slightly angled, so don’t worry.
  • If you like the feathery look, instead of cutting across and pulling back (in the motion I show in the video), cut up and then pull down. Your scissors should be parallel to your nose, if that gives you a better mental picture.
  • These hints all work for side bangs, too. I mean, I don’t have them. But my friends tell me so. And one of those friends wants to reassure you guys that I know what I’m talking about:
  • Training your bangs to go forward can be kind of hard. The way that I did it was to blow dry them with a round brush after every shower, and sleep with one of those chubby fabric headbands on like this…
  • If you feel like you have “a bald spot” in a weird place in your fringe, it probably isn’t a bald spot. It’s usually your natural part trying to fight its way through. Don’t let it! Keep training your hair forward! Impose your will!
  • “But Alle!” I hear you cry. “What about working out?” Well, I work out every day and I use those same chubby headbands to keep my bangs up and out of my face. That way they don’t get dented or super-sweaty.
  • My hair is kind of tricky, and I wash it only twice a week. If my bangs are looking kind of gross and oily between washes--it happens--I take a little bit of shampoo and wash just them, not the rest of my head. That way my bangs get super-fresh and the rest of my hair doesn’t freak out.
  • Don’t touch them all the time. It’ll just make them get greasier faster.
  • Bed Head Hard Head is your friend. This is the best, most hardcore hairspray ever; it keeps my bangs looking Spock-worthy even in the windiest weather.
  • Sometimes I break out on my forehead, which sucks because those zits take forever to go away. Those times I pin my bangs to one side to sleep, then blowdry them forward in the morning. Really speeds up the recovery process.

That’s all I can think of! If you have any questions/comments/concerns about bangs (or my accent, I guess), ask away!