That Time I Let My Instagram Followers Choose My Hair Color

Publish date:
June 5, 2014
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Lately I’ve been doing this fun thing where every time I bleach my hair I get my Instagram followers to weigh in on what color I should dye my hair. Last month the overwhelming response was peach, so I messed around with Manic Panic’s Pretty Flamingo and Electric Tiger Lily until I found my perfect shade.

Then spring came and I started to tan.

Though I love to lie in the sun and listen to the waves crash on the shore, most of my color comes from being out and about every day. I get a lot of exposure from riding my bike, and even though I wear sunscreen I always end up toasty golden brown, which I love, but the tan does present certain challenges when it comes to my pastel hair.

Personally, I feel a little Donatella Versace when I have my hair white in the summertime. Pink is not my jam, either, though I do dabble. I find that cooler colors work better with my tanned complexion. So, yeah, peach had to go. How did I get to mint? Initially I dyed my roots a purple-blue ombré, but they quickly grew in a bit too long to hide, so I bleached them, toned my hair back to white with Wella Colour Charm T18 and 20 volume (basically the whitest color available), and turned to Instagram.

My Insta-friends threw out blue, purple, and mint. Naturally, I went with the shade that would make me look like a human ice cream cone. Mint it was!

I used Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise and Electric Lizard with Mermaid conditioner. Sometimes I use cheap conditioner and mix in a bit of Davines Nounou Pak while the color takes. But any white conditioner will do. Mix the colors (without adding conditioner) until you like the shade. The ratio I used was about 75 percent turquoise to 25 percent green. For freshly bleached and toned hair, I suggest making the color in the bowl a touch darker than the color you want on your head, especially if you’re dealing with cool colors.

Once you’ve reached your desired shade, lighten the color with about two cups of conditioner (for a whole head) and mix thoroughly. If you like what you see, apply it all over your head as quickly as possible, saving any excess for touch-ups. Damp hair absorbs the color better, but since I wanted a lighter hue I applied the color to dry hair and waited 15 minutes before rinsing. Note: sun and hot showers fade the color quickly, so it's a good thing if the initial color is a bit dark.

The best part about this method is how easy it is to do touch-ups! Often pastel hair can turn out patchy because it’s sort of impossible to get the dye everywhere all at once--unless you have an octopus helping you. Plus, different portions of hair with different amounts of damage take color differently, so add conditioner as needed to lighten the concentrate when you touch-up or reapply. The combo of Manic Panic and conditioner sort of functions as a hair mask, so there's no limit as to how often you can apply it.

What color should I do next?