3 Ways To Style Long Bangs While They Grow Out

Long bangs need love, too.
Publish date:
October 17, 2014
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There are a lot of things I regret in this life, but cutting my bangs is one of the biggest. It’s a vicious cycle. First, you contemplate cutting your bangs, then you decide against it. Then you cut them yourself at 2 a.m., love them for a day (Instagram them, or else it didn't really happen), and remember that you hate bangs and decide to grow them out...until one day when they get really long and you want to cut them again.

Where does it end? No one knows. For now, I have to deal with the consequences of my actions, which is a recurring theme in this “adulthood” thing.

Here’s how I’m getting through this difficult time.

1. A Modern Take on Feathered Hair

This look works best if you part your hair close to the middle and you’ve got some layers in the front, as well as natural wave.

Start by blow-drying your bangs straight down with a large round brush and a concentrator attachment for ultimate smoothness and shine.

Once dry, part your bangs and blow each side away from your face.

Blow-dry the rest of your hair, or let it air dry, and work in a bit of Olivine Love & Salt Mist for grit and texture. Blend your bangs in with the waves around your face.

If they’re not blending in well, use a medium-size curling iron on low heat to curl them away from your face. While feathered hair in the '70s was big and bouncy, this is a more low-key take on it.

2. The Pretty Princess

Did you know Ever After is on Netflix Instant? Now you know. It’s a great movie, and it’s the inspiration for this hairstyle. Drew wears her hair in two tiny, pulled-back braids, but I’m working with twists instead. Twists are easy, and once you take your hair down, twists will result in soft waves rather than harsh kinks.

Simply part your bangs and twist each side back, grabbing a little bit of length to add to the twists, without making it too heavy.

Secure at the back with bobby pins or a clip.

Go find yourself a handsome prince! Or whatever!

3. The Sassy Combover

I’m not much for side bangs, but this is my take on them. Part your hair deep to one side and smooth it down with your hands. Pull some slightly forward, so there’s some longer hair mixed in with your bangs. Pin it down with a bunch of pins. I suggest using different colored pins because it’s cool. YOLO.

I like to pin the hair so that it still sort of falls onto my face. Don’t pin it back too tight or harshly, because that’s not a good vibe.

  • How do you style your long bangs?
  • Is anyone else stuck in the cycle of grow-out, cut, regret, grow-out?
  • Do you wanna talk about Ever After? God, I love Anjelica Huston.