3 Ways To Style An Undercut In Three Minutes

Buzzing the sides and back of my head is the best thing I ever did.
Publish date:
February 20, 2015
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I go back and forth about growing my pixie out, but the thing that always stops me is the mullet phase. I like having the front of my hair longer (baby bangs did NOT work on me) and I absolutely hate having a little duck butt that I can tuck into turtlenecks. It drives me crazy.

So when my hair had gotten so long that I officially had sideburns longer than my boyfriend's, it was time for a change. I marched into my local Ulta salon and requested to have the sides and back shaved all the way down.

I love the result. I can play with all of the volume and length I still have on top, without having to tame the excess at the sides and back.

In this video I'll show you the three quick ways I've been styling my pixie cut, now that I have an undercut.

One thing I forgot to mention: You can totally play around with these styles even if you don't have short hair. The first look is great if you want a sneaky way to get rid of excess thickness under long hair, and the third style makes a ponytail look a million times more badass.

  • Do you have an undercut? How do you like to style yours?
  • Does anyone want to see a video tutorial for undercuts in which I buzz half of my head?

Photos and video by Joshua Kirby