Should I Grow Out My Pixie Cut, Or Chop It All Off?

I can't decide, so I'm crowdsourcing. Help!
Publish date:
June 20, 2014
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I decided to try growing my pixie cut out a little some time around February. I'm not planning for mermaid hair, I just thought a very short bob might be a fun change of pace. Everyone warned me about the trials of growing out a pixie cut, but I wasn't too worried.

What I didn't expect, however, was that my hair was going to insist on growing outwards instead of downwards. I guess after five years of keeping my hair cropped, and thus under control, I forgot just how unwieldy it could be when given free rein to grow.

Generally, when I wake up in the morning my hair looks like this:

Except usually worse. You get the idea, though. If it's just been washed it's a giant poof ball, and if it's one or two days past the time that I should have washed it, it's a greasy mess. Sadly I prefer greasy mess to giant poof ball right now, because at least that makes my hair more manageable.

Usually I attempt to make my hair look decent by running a brush through it. I've mentioned a few times before how much I love my Tangle Teezer, so here's the results of using that:

It's an improvement. I started brushing my hair away from my face once it got to this length, because if I brush it forward like I used to, this happens:

Yeah, so no more bangs for now. Good thing I like my forehead.

So I just part my hair a little off-center and brush it all back. I realized recently that I've basically given myself the exact same haircut that Shailene Woodley has in The Fault In Our Stars. It wasn't intentional, but damn it, it was timely. Nothing against the lovely Shailene but I never would have pointed at that haircut and said, "I don't want that." Now that I have it, though, I don't hate it. And I'd rather have my hair compared to Shailene's than, say, Scott Foley's haircut in Felicity.

Plus, the other alternative (besides having all my hair in my face) is having all that volume on top of my head.

The amazing thing is that this is my hair a week after I hacked away at it in my bathroom with this thing:

I ordered these thinning shears off Amazon because I was tired of paying $20 every month to have someone at Holiday Hair accidentally give me baby bangs when I just want to control my hair's volume. I figured it couldn't be too hard to just do it myself. I was sorta right, and sorta wrong.

When my hair was damp after a shower, I put a towel over my shoulders and started running the shears through my hair. They do all the work for you--all you have to do is close the scissors and pull. It's not the most pleasant sensation, but as I discovered when I enlisted my sister to do the back for me, it's better when you have a professional or yourself doing it rather than a 13-year-old. Ouch.

I spent more than an hour running the shears through my hair, trying to evenly reduce the volume. Eventually I stopped when my sister pointed out that "I" nicked "myself" (okay, sure, Kristen) at the back of my scalp and was bleeding a bit. I won't post the picture here because it's kind of gross, but this is the Instagram snap of how much hair I took off of my head. (No blood, I promise--just a giant hairball.) Infuriatingly enough, once my hair dried, it still looked pretty much the same.

So I've pretty much resigned myself to my hair's thickness while it's growing out. Besides a monthly shearing, I'm also relying on a few products to keep my hair somewhat in control.

I already mentioned my Tangle Teezer, which is a boon for smoothing bed-head and stubborn cowlicks. When my hair is wet after a shower, I put some Bumble & Bumble Styling Creme in it, as well as some WEN Sweet Almond Mint Styling Cream, which I stole from my sister and refuse to give back. These two products together help reduce frizz a lot. I also use Bumble & Bumble Styling Lotion if I'm blow-drying my hair.

Once my hair is dry, it needs to be oiled and dirtied up because freshly cleaned hair is not a good look on me. Argan oil, which I found for a bargain at T.J. Maxx, helps to slick back my hair without looking too greasy, while Lush Dirty Styling Cream gives it just enough hold without being sticky. Plus, it has a fresh, manly scent that I love.

So, I dunno. I'm putting a lot of work into my hair right now and I'm not happy about it. I do like being able to run my fingers through my hair, but that's about it. Can I just buzz it all off, please? And before you say no, I think you need to click through this slideshow of all the ways my hair has found to disappoint me these days.

Now that you've seen how much I've been suffering, let's put it to a vote. Should I keep trying to grow this mop out (I'm thinking around chin-length, but shorter in the back), or should I just give up and shave my head for the summer? And if you vote for the former, I'm going to need some volume-reducing tips, please!