Proof That a One-Length Bob is Actually Really Versatile

I'm glad that having shorter, single-length hair doesn't mean I'm restricted to a single look.
Publish date:
February 29, 2016
hairstyles, bobs, styling

I've had my hair cut to a one-length bob for a while now. Initially, it was chin-length, but has now grown out a little. When I first cut it, I was worried that this would be a limiting style as it's so much shorter than what I'm used to. In a lot of styling experiments, however, I've figured out a few different ways to style my hair and change it up.


I'm pretty much in love with all of Alexa Chung's style choices, and her hair is no exception. It's the inspiration for whenever I make my hair look like I just rolled out of bed.

Here, I've used a flat iron to do a random mix of loose curls, waves and soft crimps in my hair. I basically do one of those in random sections of my hair, then spray it with a texturising spray and shake it around. This is my favorite way to wear my hair because it lasts for a few days, considering I wash my hair once every three or four days.


For fancy occasions where I want to do a neater style, I use my flat iron to curl in the end of my hair. I feel elegant with this hairstyle, and it's really quick and easy. Hair isn't my favorite thing to do (I always end up burning myself when I use heat styling tools) so I like when it's simple and straightforward.

Half-up Fishtail

These big fishtail braids are so cute and are so great at keeping hair out of the way. I grabbed sections from either side of my head and then fishtailed them and secured with a hair tie in the back. Then I pulled them apart to make them more voluminous. You could cover the hair tie with a lock of hair, but I don't mind too much so I just left it.


I like to do this hairstyle really messy. It's a pretty thoughtless style where I just take two or three (sometimes four) sections and twirl them in to buns at the top of my head. I then secure with bobby pins as needed. Sometimes I braid my hair before throwing it into the buns.

Sometimes they start to unravel as the day wears on but I think it just adds to the look. I like to describe it as Lizzie McGuire chic.

I have an undercut, so I don't have shorter hair at the nape of my neck, so some days I do this style with all of my hair in the buns to show off my undercut.

I do miss having long hair and how easy it was to do overnight heatless styles. It used to be so easy to just put my hair in twin braids, fall asleep and wake up with voluminous messy waves. But I love playing around with my hair and I'm glad that having short hair doesn't mean I'm restricted.

I definitely have no regrets about going for a bob hairstyle and I love the different ways I can style it.

Do you have any clever ways to switch it up with a bob?