How I Straighten My Kardashian-Length Hair In Under 15 Minutes

I'm even using a flat iron from seventh grade!
Publish date:
February 10, 2014
How-To, straight hair, straightening, flat irons, Jilbere

I am a card-carrying member of the Long Hair Don’t Care Club
(it’s pretty exclusive). My hair has a mind
of its own, and that mind is pretty opinionated. Some days, the curls look passable
(kind of like Lorde). However, my hair usually looks like I don’t own a hairbrush
(truth: I don’t).

The only way to keep it in check is to straighten it. I’ve been using the same Jilbere
de Paris Tourmaline Series Hair Straightener since seventh grade because a) it still works and b) it’s still as amazing
as it was back then.

With its red interior plates, I like to think of it as the
Christian Louboutin of hair straighteners.

an Italian girl with thick, curly, Kardashian-length hair, you may think it
takes forever for me to straighten my hair, but you’d be wrong--I have it down
so I can do it in 15 minutes.

If there’s one thing about the Kardashians that I
can appreciate, it’s their dedication to long, straight hair. However, I’m sure Kim has three
hairstylists working on her head at the same time, while I just have me, myself
and I.

the years, this technique has helped me avoid that annoying I-missed-a-section
area that you KNOW we’ve all experienced. Trust,
you will not be disappointed.


As I mentioned earlier, I don’t own
a brush, so I finger-comb out any knots. Plus, brushes tend to make curls
frizz out and lose their shape; your fingers can do the same thing but
without causing so much trouble.

To establish a smooth start from the
beginning, I always straighten the underside of my hair first. It’s kind
of like getting a Brazilian--even if no one sees that part of you, you still
want it to look good.

I section off the hair below my ears and tie the
rest of my hair up in a pony. I start as close to the root as possible and
straighten slowly, concentrating on the ends.

Next, drop down one side of hair
from eyebrow level and below. Straighten.

Repeat on other side.

Now you have a tiny section in the
back to do (if you miss this, it’s the telltale sign that you straighten
you hair).

Take the top layer of your hair that you haven’t straightened
yet into a pony and place to the side, or, if you’re me, put it in your
mouth to hold it out of the way (I’m a creative type, I know). Straighten
that section to death to get the kinks out.

Almost there! OK, take half the top
layer of your hair and straighten it. Repeat on the other side.

I like to seal everything in with a volumizing
spray. For a bit of extra volume, I spray the underside of my hair first
and then spritz the top portion 10 to 12 inches away from my hair to prevent
oiliness. Then I get overly excited about my hair and I whip it back and forth
to distribute the product because how else should you do it?

DUNZO. Go out and live your life.