The Fast And Easy Way I Use Sew-In Extensions

Get long hair in under two hours!
Publish date:
January 11, 2015
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Getting longer hair doesn’t always have to be a damaging or lengthy (heh) process. Adding length on the bottom is just a braid away, and depending on how it’s done it can last a week or six!

I stopped by my good friend Steph’s house to play with some luscious hair that I bought recently and was dying to test-drive. I have a long history with sew-ins that Steph is very familiar with. (Usually clip-ins are my way to go, allowing me to take hair out to perform treatments and wash at a more regular intervals.)

Steph also knows one of my other quirks, which we refer to as hair dysmorphia. I just can’t deal without extensions. It’s as if looking in the mirror without any hair enhancements shows me the chin length bob I had growing up. But I have been getting better and better at keeping my natural hair healthy and growing, and progress is happening, albeit really slowly.

Sew-in hair extensions are, very simply, wefts of additional hair that are stitched onto a foundation made either completely or partially of your own hair. Braids are the simplest way to create this base, but micro links and other methods can also be used. I prefer braiding because it’s less damaging--and it's easy to take out.

For this, we did a super chill setup with braids that weren’t crazy tight and just 1.5 tracks to add some length in the bottom.

What You Need

  • Wefted hair (I used Indique’s SEA collection)
  • Curved sewing needle
  • Thread to match hair
  • Elastics to match hair
  • Small scissors
  • Clips
  • Rattail comb


This is a simplified version, so if you know someone who is a decent braider, chances are they can perform this for you, easy-peasy! You can also see a pro and leave it totally in their hands. Pricing varies greatly, but typically just getting in a track or two is around $15 per track, whereas a whole head can run up to $150, as it takes more time. Don’t forget to refer back to some of Christine’s awesome posts to shed light on some more configurations of braiding, as well as how to use a closure if you want your entire head done.

Steph busted this look out in less than an hour, and even before cutting the hair, it looked so great!

  • Have you worn extensions? Which type are your favorite?
  • Would you try doing this at home or would you rather leave it to the pros ?

Photos by Jesse A. Caldwell