How I Scrunch And Spritz My Way To Wavier Hair

I call this rainy day hair.
Publish date:
July 18, 2014
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Before I knew my hair could have texture, I hated it. I even entertained the idea of getting a perm, but was scared it would make my hair fall out. It seemed the only way to get any texture out of my fine, straight hair was to keep bleaching the life out of it--or into it, depending on how you look at it.

Finally, when I got sick of the time, cash, and products it took to maintain my color-treated hair, I stopped dyeing it. I also stopped using so many sulfate- and silicone-based hair products. Suddenly, I had waves, but they faded into almost nothing once my hair was dry. If I skipped shampoo, however, the waves were more pronounced, but frizzy and out of control by a day or two after a wash.

I learned how to lock in my lovely, natural waves after I got caught in a torrential downpour one day. My perfectly coiffed style was ruined, and then saved by the art of scrunching, which is about as easy as falling off a log.

I love wearing this tousled, textured look on weekends when heat styling is not on the agenda. It's effortless, romantic, and it doesn't fall apart in a little bit of rain.

You can do this style with clean or dirty hair, but make sure to use a little dry shampoo on the latter. We're going for Gisele, not Woodstock '99,

Starting about six inches from your roots, mist your hair with water. This helps swell the follicles to create texture. Spritz until the hair is moist, not dripping wet. I usually twist my hair and let it sit for 3 to 5 minutes for maximum waves.

Once waves emerge, spray on some flexible medium to strong hold hairspray, lifting your layers as you go and holding the can at least eight inches from your head. I use Graham Webb’s HALO, but I just found out it’s discontinued! L'Oréal Elnett, and Garnier Fructis Flexible Control are both pretty great, but use a light hand, as the latter doesn’t mist as fine as pricier brands.

With your hair damp and hairsprayed, scrunch and tousle it to encourage texture. You can get a little extra volume if you spray your fingertips with hairspray and work your roots in a circular motion.

At this stage your hair will look a tad stringy. Since we don't want crispy gel curls (aka ramen hair), we're going to let it dry completely and then scrunch it again to break up any stringy bits and soften the whole look.

A few pumps of hair oil will keep curls looking healthy and frizz-free. I used Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Nutrient Spray Oil the other day, which moisturizes without looking greasy and is lovely for the price. You can skip the oil or just apply it to thirsty ends if you have thinner or straighter hair.

How do you style your hair on rainy, frizzy days? Have you ever had a hair disaster lead to an ah-ha moment?