How To Put Glitter In Your Hair, And Keep It There

Go glam in seconds.
Publish date:
February 19, 2015
hairstyles, randco, beauty inspiration, hair glitter, hair wax

Scrolling through Instagram for beauty ideas is one of my most cherished pastimes. I love testing out all of the fun looks I find there--no matter the results.

A few months ago I was screenshotting and double-tapping my way through feeds in search of inspiration when something stopped me mid-scroll. R+Co had posted a simple tip for New Year’s Eve glitter hair, and it looked so pretty and so easy that I immediately knew I needed to put it to the Instagram vs. Reality test. I'm happy to report this unbelievably beautiful style is 100% doable.

Start with any glitter of your choosing (I picked golden dots to avoid any scalp issues) and R+Co’s Continental Glossing Wax.

A malleable balm, Continental Glossing Wax is the perfect consistency for trapping glitter on your hair, and it smells great to boot.

Let your fingers graze the glitter (I poured some into a little bowl for easy access) and pat it into the waxy bits on your hair.

The glitter should stick immediately, giving your roots a spectacular, slicked-down sparkle effect.

You could stop here, but for something slightly more subtle, take a comb or hair brush and move it through your mane, starting at the roots.

The light wax will move through your hair, carrying the glitter with it, and the results should resemble a starry night sky.

This might be the best glitter hair method I’ve seen yet!

  • Have you tried glitter hair?
  • What are you tricks for getting glittery? Do tell!