Halleloo! I've Found The Cure For Crunchy Curls

The answer to the problem of too much product is, surprisingly, more product.

I’ve talked in depth about the ups and downs of maintaining naturally curly hair without shaving your head in a bout of frustration. It’s hard to resist the clipper when the list of hair grievances includes reducing frizz, keeping bobby pins from disappearing, and, lord help me, avoiding crunchy curls.

Crunch is when hair dries stiff and lifeless due to an overuse of gel or mousse. The obvious solution would be to use less when styling, but doing so opens the door to frizz.

There is a simple solution, and it’s not crying or washing and styling all over again. I just wish I had discovered this basic technique in high school when I was walking around the halls looking like I stuck my head in a freezer.

A lot of sites suggest scrunching out the crunch when dry. This is done by flipping your hair over and squeezing sections from tip to root. But sometimes scrunching causes product to flake and leave a film (most likely product build-up). Thus, I have moved away from scrunching and added another product to the mix--one that is lightweight, battles frizz, and helps to soften curls without creating flakes.

The Remedy: A Good Hair Oil Or Serum

Depending on how damaged or dry my hair is I'll smooth either a hair serum or oil into my curls. Starting with dry hair, I put a tiny amount (two drops, if that) in my palms, bend my head forward, and distribute the product gently and evenly. Then I flip and fluff any areas that need added volume.

There you have it, the problem of crunchy curls solved in two minutes flat.

I prefer Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum to avoid crunch, since I’m obsessed with its lightweight formula and affordable price. It also works wonders on my ends on the rare occasion that I do straighten my hair.

Others that do the trick are Moroccanoil Treatment and OGX Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil. I would only recommend the former, which is a bit heavier than the OGX, if you suffer from dry and damaged hair.

Anyone else ready to pull their hair out over curl crunch? What's your fix? Let me know if you have any favorite serums or oils--I'm always looking to try new brands!