My Journey To A Platinum And Pale Pink Long Bob

OR: four ways to prepare yourself for a hair makeover.
Publish date:
September 5, 2014
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About six months ago, while in a salon, flipping through a magazine as some magical color set on my hair, I was suddenly struck with the desire for a big change. Yep, I saw a picture of a long bob, aka "lob."

I didn't take the plunge that day, or even months after that day. I blame the crippling fear of big hair changes that has been instilled in me since I was a teen for this delay.

I had a rude hairdresser growing up--big changes with her were anything but fun. Many a time I walked out of her trendy salon choking back tears, horrified by what I’d ended up with. In seventh grade, when I excitedly asked her for a stylish long bob, she refused. According to her, my face was too round for a bob, or any chin/shoulder grazing haircut. In the same breath, she also told me to think about eating less bread. So yeah, I was a bit scarred for life.

But today’s Alyssa does what she wants with her hair. Though I was a little nervous about a long bob, I took steps to prepare myself for the result (good or bad), and booked myself an appointment at Toronto's Blyss Salon to do the deed!

Here are some things to consider before make a big hair change, as well as some photos from my cut and color session at Blyss.

1. Think about it. And then think about it some more. I’m the kind of girl who will pretty much do anything in the heat of the moment; not too many ideas nag at me for long. But I pinned photos of lobs and talked with friends for months before my cut.

2. Try to test the look out. I fooled around with ponytails, pinning my hair half up, and even virtual hairstyle tools to get an idea of what I’d look like with shorter hair. None of it was exact, but it helped me get used to the idea.

3. Find a team you trust. I cannot stress this point enough! Before I found Amanda and Carla at Blyss I was hopelessly trying out random places all over the city. Amanda and Carla get me: they know my hair and they know how to treat it. Every time I leave their chairs my mind is bursting with helpful new tips and hair knowledge. Carla even offered to style a fake lob so I could envision the cut before the scissors came out.

4. Decide to be excited, not scared. It’s just hair. It grows, it falls out, it eventually turns wiry and gray, and whether we like it or not, our hair is always changing naturally. I walked into Blyss with the mindset that I’d love my new look no matter what. Even as Carla was chopping off massive pieces of hair--and handing them to me--or when my scalp was burning with toner, I kept smiling.

As you've probably guessed, I love my lob! We started with “the big chop,” which ended up feeling much more freeing than scary. Then Amanda took a stab at my bleach-out (a nice change from my usual DIY bleach everywhere mess). She bleached my roots and some full panels of less-damaged hair to get them as light as possible and left some soft pink in the layers beneath. Then Carla got to work layering, trimming, and styling.

The biggest smiles were saved for the big reveal, and I’m happy to report not a single tear was shed.

What do you guys think?! Please don’t tell me to eat less bread… I won’t do it! I love my bread!