I've Had a Bob My Whole Life, And These 3 Tips Keep Me from Getting Bored with It

This is how I make the most of my signature hairstyle.
Publish date:
September 7, 2016
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My mum was right.

Throughout my childhood I had one haircut: a short bob just above my chin, always with a fringe just above my eyebrows. Every few months, she took me to Mane Attraction, the hairdresser in my village, for a trim. My sister's hair was blonde but identically cut. She always said it suited me and that my hair was too thin to wear long.

When I got to 13, however, I decided to grow it long; at 15, I started experimenting with shaggy emo cuts, pixie cuts, and everything in between. And today, after growing out a pixie cut, I'm back at a bob (no bangs for now) and really enjoying it.

My hair is poker-straight — not too fine or too thick, and not damaged. It's pretty chill as far as hair goes. If you're like me and your hair is in no way extreme or difficult, then a bob is a really easy and versatile style. In its simplest form, it's an iconic look that requires no adornments. But on some days, you might want to mix it up with your bob, especially when it's been a while since it was last cut and isn't looking as sharp as it used to.

Here are a few tips and tricks I've learned as an OG bob wearer.

Consider an undercut

This won't be for everyone, but for me, having an undercut is a game-changer.

Many, many hairdressers have complained to me that I have an awkward hairline at the back. It's hardly something I'm worried about, but it does leave me at high risk of the mullet that all short-haired girls fear. By shaving the hair at my nape, I get a sharper line at the back. It also makes styling my very short hair into updos a doddle: while it's nice to have a few tendrils hanging loosely around your neck, without the undercut basically half of my hair would not go into a ponytail or bun.

Aside from all of that it feels amazing when it's freshly shaven and is great for hot days and workouts when you get a little sweaty.

Miniaturize your tools

I hope you're all like me and get a big kick out of miniature versions of everyday objects, because I've got lots of them for you. As a small person with small hair I have learned over the years that my tools need to reflect my stature.

Switch up your texture

Bobs become super-versatile if you're able to change your texture a little. There is zero curl to my hair — not even the hint of a wave — so I need a lot of help in this department.

I use a mini straightener to add some rough waves to my hair. Then I finish with some texturizing powder to make sure I have lots of volume at my roots and definition through the ends.

Most of the time I'm too lazy to heat-style at all, so I spray salt spray liberally through my hair after washing. Then I just sleep on it and hope for the best. Luckily the formula of this spray works wonders to give me soft, textured, just-messy-enough hair in the morning. If I need to restyle a little I just spray some more in and shape with my fingers.

Change your part

I truly love center-parted bobs; they're sleek and chic and a very powerful take on the style. Alas, my part just won't go that way. My hair is rather sparse at the front and refuses to stay in place if I part it in the center.

If you have the same issue, then don't stress! You have options.

Bangs are obviously your friend here and I have worn them with a bob many times before. You can wear them kind of shaggy and long, but my favorite look is a super-short fringe above the eyebrows. Then you'll be channeling Louise Brooks, aka the Queen of Bobs.

On the other hand, if you're currently bangs-free like me, embrace the side part. Pin your hair to the side with a bobby pin or a cute barrette and you have an adorable retro look that you can do in, like, zero seconds.

On days when you want a little more edge, then the hair flip is your friend. To get this look, I towel-dry my hair and run through some blow-dry cream and maybe a little salt spray. Then I blast the hair dryer at the front section of my head, flipping my hair from side to side as I dry. Don't just blow dry in one direction — we want lots of volume on both sides to get a good flip.

If you need more hold you can add some texturizing powder at the roots and finish with a little hairspray, but use a light touch because ideally you'll want to be able to flip your hair around as you go throughout your day, you fabulous creature.

Finally, you can just skip partings all together and wear a cute half-updo! Scrunchies are my favorite for this style. I do this a lot because it opens up my face and looks really fun and youthful.

Any lifelong bob wearers out there? Share your tips and photos!