Let Me Show You How I'm Styling My New Taylor Swift-esque Lob

Taylor Swift wasn't my haircut inspiration, but she quickly became my styling inspiration.

I am the worst about keeping up with haircuts. I rarely touch my hair with heat so it lasts ages between trims without the ends looking too scruffy. But this time, I took it too far.

My last haircut was August of 2014. Yeah. Nearly a year and a half between haircuts is a bit far out of the four-to-six-week recommendation you usually get from a stylist. This is one of those "do as I say, not as I do" situations.

One of the many reasons it took me so long to get my hair cut is that I was completely indecisive about what I wanted. I wanted to go shorter, but how short? A lob? A bob? A pixie? With a Pinterest board full of short-hair inspiration, I made my way to a stylist, finally with one look in mind.

I asked the stylist for this cut, but to use her discretion to make it suit me.

It basically just ended up longer, which I don’t hate; it will grow out nicely until I decide to chop it all off again. It did, however, end up looking more like Taylor Swift’s lob with side bangs.

So why fight it? Here’s how I'm embracing Taylor’s lived-in, somewhat shaggy, loose waves.

Because my hair has been decidedly extra-frizzy lately, I popped in one pump of the L’Oreal Smooth Intense Frizz Taming Serum. This serum helps a lot to keep poofiness down, but it can make roots look a bit greasy (so beware fellow greasy-headed people).

My bangs like to do their own thing so I blow-dry them separately right after I get out of the shower, before doing the rest of my hair. I use a flat bristle brush to help smooth out and shape my hair. My bangs are just a bit too short to use a round brush because it gets too bendy.

Then I just roughly blow-dry the rest of my hair to get it ready to wave.

The key to getting loose waves (that don’t just end up looking curly) is using flat irons instead of a curling iron. I’m using a one-inch pair of Remington straighteners to achieve this look. I’ve found that much larger doesn’t add enough wave to my hair at this length, but it could totally work with longer hair.

When Taylor is going for a really low-key look, the waves are super-loose, and for a more polished, her hair is more curly or straightened. To achieve loose waves, choose large sections of hair; the smaller the section, the tighter the curl will be.

I took the entire front inch of hair and twisted the straightener away from my face, pulling through the section of hair, while keeping the straightener twisted as seen above.

I then alternated, curling towards and away from my face. The really nice thing about using such large sections is that this process goes really quickly. I’m so used to my longer hair taking a half hour or more to style that this was amazingly fast at about 10 minutes for my whole head.

The hair on the lower third of my head was just too short to curl, so I just ran the straightener through lightly with a slight bend to make sure it meshed well with the rest of my hair.

At this point, you could just tousle your hair and call it a day, but I wanted just a bit more piece-y-ness to this look. I went for the Lush Sea Spray Hair Mist. It has more oil and less salt than most salt sprays I’ve used, so it helps to get the piece-y look while keeping the shine and without the crunch.

I simply scrunched the spray into my hair and voila! The messy wavy hair of Taylor Swift’s dreams.

  • How long do you go between haircuts?
  • How do you feel about the whole messy wavy bob trend?
  • Have you ever gone into a salon with a picture of one celebrity and left with the hair of another?