Bangs: Two Ways to Fake It 'Til You Make It

And by "it," I mean a decision about cutting bangs.
Publish date:
March 25, 2016
bangs, hairstyles, fake bangs

I'm a serial bangs consider-er. I either have bangs (and, while having them, mostly wish I didn't have them) or I'm sitting around thinking about cutting bangs. That's it — that's my whole deal.

Because I've cut my hair quite short, I've finally managed to get my hair the same length IN THE FRONT — a feat I've been striving for since forever, because I always have bangs or growing-out bangs. I'm too proud of this accomplishment to give it up, even though the bangs itch is strong recently.

Luckily, there are a few ways to fake it 'til you (maybe) make the chop. I used my sister-in-law, Daleah, to showcase these looks, as my hair is super-short right now. You can, however, do this on short hair with some maneuvering, especially this first look.

The Twist

This fake bangs look is very, very simple. I decided to create a side fringe with this method.

All you do is pull forward some of your hair and twist it underneath to the desired length. When you're satisfied, pin the section on the side, underneath your other layers of hair and fluff up a bit for volume.

If you want to do a front-fringe with this, all you need to do is make two sections on either side.

And that's it! You have an entirely new hairstyle without clip-ins or chopping.

  • Are you a bangs consider-er like me?
  • Would you wear fake bangs like this?