Helping A Dude Out: This Guy Can't Do A Man Bun

"Women make it look so easy," he said to me.
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September 11, 2014
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Remember when man buns became the biggest trend since Feminist Ryan Gosling and every website believed it to be their journalistic duty to report on it?

Some time after that, The New York Times was on it, giving us this little gem of a description: “Some men are twisting their long hair into a form more famously worn by librarians, schoolmarms, and Katharine Hepburn. But don’t call the male version an up-do or a chignon. Call it a man bun.”

I know, I know... It's 2014 and the braid is the new bun, but I want to revisit the male version of long hair don’t care. Maybe we can share tips and tricks and swap products? Who knows!

Evan Landry (I just call him Heaven) is going to be my guinea pig, since he is the only specimen I know with man bun material. He had this to say about his mane, “My hair is a novelty with women, but men approach me all the time, at least once every two weeks, and awkwardly ask how long it took to grow my hair out [and what] maintenance and products I use. It’s strange because it’s always sincere.”

Heaven also admitted to a recent concern about the effects of humidity on his hair, so of course I gave him some advice on products and frizz control. But his eyes immediately glazed over. In all fairness, I don’t think he understood the concept of sleeping in bantu knots. Oh well. I tried.

Why does a dude like Heaven decide to go long in the first place? “I was just intrigued to grow my hair out. My ex-girlfriend convinced me and it was easier to do so in a relationship since I wasn’t concerned about my looks,” he says.

One would think he'd have an arsenal of products and shampoos, but no, he is a man and thus wants to keep it low maintenance: washing every 10 days using whatever shampoo his roommate buys.

Achieving the man bun with his hair proved difficult at first. “Women make it look so easy and I couldn’t figure out how to do it,” he told me. Excuses, excuses: is this what guys would say if they all of a sudden had the ability to bear children?

Anyway, let's get to Heaven’s perfect man bun.

Now that he knows it's a trend, Heaven says he wouldn’t want to cut his locks off. I’m also certain he enjoys women pushing his hair behind his ear when they’re coming in for a kiss. Did I mention that my man bun subject is also credentialed?

Evan Landry is an award-winning producer. In 2012, Evan produced the BravoFACT funded short film “Jesse” which has played at numerous North American festivals, and is currently one of nine films competing in the CBC Short Film Faceoff.

Thoughts on the man bun? Is it still "in," or is it on the way out? Any celeb man buns we should discuss?