OPEN THREAD: A Beautiful Mess

Maintaining brightly colored hair is not a neat journey.
Publish date:
November 13, 2015
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Welp, I've had green hair for more than a month, and it's been a bit of an adventure. Having never used Manic Panic before, I had no idea what the upkeep and aftermath would be like.

Here's what I can tell you from a purely anecdotal, non-scientific perspective:

  • My hair stained the shoulders and neck areas of my shirts and dresses with a green aura for the first three weeks. Even when my hair was dry, it still bled on whatever I was wearing, so I wore a lot of black, dark green and navy last month.
  • Green poured out of my hair every time I got my hair wet in the shower, even when I didn't use shampoo (which would cause seemingly massive amounts of color to wash out), and rarely did my hair ever rinse completely clear, even after spending extended amounts of time under the shower head. I've been using white towels for the sake of being able to just easily bleach out the teal blotches that inevitably end up on them.
  • Despite rarely shampooing and even with regular use of Overtone Daily Conditioner (which I haven't used daily) and Go Deep Weekly Treatment (which I have used weekly)—I alternate between the Extreme Teal and the Extreme Green—the color has inevitably become less vibrant and uniform. I still like how it looks, though: bright teal and muted lighter green in some areas, fading into dark brown and a taupe-like blonde in others.

This has all added up to a learning experience, but nothing has made me go "whoa" more than the mess maintaining this color has made in my bathroom.

My white shower has been festooned—festooned, I say!—with opaque splatters and cloudy splotches of Overtone, and I was shocked to find how stubborn it is. (I really shouldn't be surprised considering they recommend wearing gloves while applying the mask, and even the conditioner has left my nail beds with a blue tinge.) Water alone doesn't do the trick—that's for sure. Trying to get out the color with soap of various sorts didn't make a huge dent either.

Well, thank goodness my new desk at Time Inc. is seated right alongside the crew at MIMI, because when I mentioned this cleaning woe, their friggin' great editorial director, Deanne, suggested something that made me think, That's genius! and Duh, Marci, simultaneously: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser!

And the Magic Eraser Bath Scrubber is even better since it's designed to not only remove stains from surfaces like tile, but also get into grout, which can be super-absorbent when it comes to things like hair-coloring products.

I don't know if I'll have my green professionally refreshed or if I'll go back to my natural dark brown next, but at least now I know—and can share—how to handle the mess that comes with crazy hair color should I ever do it again.

So, let's discuss:

  • What's the messiest beauty ritual you've done?
  • Got any great tips for getting hair dye or makeup stains out of clothing and home surfaces?
  • Please tell me you'll be doing something more fun that just cleaning this weekend.