Nix Even The Most Stubborn Cowlick In 5 Easy Steps

When you wake up with (or end up with) smooshed hair, you don’t have redo your entire blowout to make it look presentable.
Publish date:
November 27, 2013
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It’s hat weather, which for me is year-round, but beanies and skull caps tend to work better when it isn’t hot outside. If you have cowlicks, this might just be the reason you're wearing a hat in the first place.

What if I told you that refreshing tired, dirty locks could take just 5 to 10 minutes? You might never wear a hat again! (I probably still will, because I have a hat obsession.)

If you are ever caught off-guard, you can explain away hat hair, bed head or even sexy-time hair on cowlicks. But they are all solved with one simple and quick method.

When you wake up with (or end up with) messy hair, you don’t have redo your entire blowout to make your hair look presentable. If you have straight or wavy hair, you can touch up your style using this method. Curlies can too--it would just have to be slightly modified.

The first step is moisten the hair in the crown.

Second, spritz in a few sprays of a root-lifting product like Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Daily Boost in the root area and "scrub" in with your fingers. Put at least one spritz anywhere you have a cowlick or smooshed spot.

Third, using a Denman brush and hot air, brush the hair in the crown back and forth. Directing the hair first left, then right, and back again before brushing downwards will reset any roots that are pointing in the wrong direction. For a stubborn cowlick, scoop hair onto the brush for more tension.

Fourth, blow the ends with some hot air to give them polish. If you use a medium setting, you won’t blow out your shape too much.

Fifth, blow COLD air all over the hair, especially downwards from your parting, and down the back of the head. Cool air will seal the cuticle and add tons of shine.

All better! And shiny, too.

Curly babes, fear not! This technique is not off-limits to you. Using either a diffuser or low air setting, you can achieve the same effect with your fingertips lifting hair instead of the brush. Basically follow the steps, but use a lower air setting (hot and cold are still fine).

This is also a fabulous way to stretch a blowout a few more days. Use this method in the crown and front of the hair, as the product and hot air will also to help evaporate greasies. You might not even need dry shampoo after!