How to Seamlessly Blend Your Regrettable Bangs Into Victory Rolls

To the victor go the swirls.
Publish date:
February 23, 2016
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I just switched over to the Amazon Fire Stick for all of my televising needs and it’s seriously no ragrats. Added to that, my boyfriend got Amazon Prime all set up, so I’m finally hip with the cool kids and watching some Prime-exclusive shows like the many-award-winning Transparent and The Man in The High Castle.

I say "watching," but really, I binged through the whole of The Man in The High Castle in like a week. I found the story to be incredibly intriguing, but the 1940s style was what cinched it for me.

The classic hairstyles seen on everyone are so gorgeous. I found myself looking through lots of old family photographs and searching the internet for a style to try on myself.

Which brings us to victory rolls. Hell. Yes. This hairstyle is so iconic and has many interpretations so it can be done with many different hair types and cuts.

One thing I did notice while looking at modern takes on the victory roll is that many people would roll their hair and leave out bangs if they had them. It’s super-cute, so I figured I would give it a go as a last-gasp attempt to find a style I actually like with my side-swept bangs.

No dice. I have crazy buyer’s remorse for my side-swept bangs that I got in my last haircut. They just never look as good as when you go swishing out of the salon, post-professional blow out.

So I decided to find a way to incorporate my finicky bangs into a victory roll without them falling out.

  • Have you ever tried a victory roll?
  • What is your favorite era of hairstyles?
  • Any other good Amazon Prime shows for me to add to the list?