There Is A Wrong Way To Air-Dry Your Hair

And then there's my way.
Publish date:
July 10, 2014
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Blow drying my hair is the most boring waste of time I can think of. Sure, I get the appeal, especially when you've just washed your hair and you need to dry it in a hurry, but my hair actually looks better when I wash it at night and let it air-dry.

I mean, it's summer. Even if you have air conditioning, do you really want to be standing in your bathroom, arm above your head, blowing hot air in the general direction of your face? If you answered no, keep it right here for the next three or four minutes, because I'm going to show you how I air-dry my hair to smooth, shiny, voluminous perfection.

When/How To Wash Your Hair

This is kind of a no-brainer, right? I wash my hair about three to four times a week in the summer (aka the season of sweat). First, I brush my dry hair to remove any tangles, then I get my hair wet and lather my whole head with a gentle shampoo with smoothing properties and use a small amount of conditioner on my ends. This keeps my hair sleek in the frizz-inducing heat and protects against split ends. I really like Davines Oi Shampoo and Conditioner.

Use Serum To Lock In Shine And Hydration

Once out of the shower, I use a towel to squeeze as much water out of my hair as possible. Then I gently comb my hair with a fine-tooth comb, starting at the ends and working my way up. Using the palms of my hands, I warm up a few drops of A Beautiful Life Unicorn's Mane Smoothing Serum and work it through my hair from the ends up. The serum has argan and amla oils to promote shine and prevent frizz. It smells like the brand's I Heart Unicorns fragrance, which has deliciously sweet notes of citrus and pomegranate.

Scrunch In Mousse For Voluminous Waves

I've been using mousse to build volume and waves for years. Back in 2012, I suffered some pretty rough hair loss and my hair became very straight and fine. My hair's health is back to normal now, but I still have to coax out the natural waves. Using Garnier Fructis Style Curl Construct Mousse really helps, as do the layers I cut into my hair a few months ago. A tiny pump of mousse scrunched upwards with my fingers builds a lot of body. Once that's done, I wait... or do other things, like write this article.

Finally, Use A Little Heat

At this stage I have the texture and the shine, but my style is basically a teenage boy circa 1976. (I have a rebellious spirit and my bangs like to express that by getting weird and flippy.) For a quick fix, I use a flat iron for about a minute to straighten and tame my fringe.

For the finishing touch, I work another drop or so of serum into my palms and smooth flyaways until everything's chillsville. Then I'm ready for bed.

Have I convinced you to ditch the dryer, or will you still be blasting yourself with hot air this summer? How do you air-dry?