How Does This Sea Spray Compare To Getting Sprayed By The Actual Sea?

Bumble and bumble takes on Mother Nature!
Publish date:
June 6, 2013
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Remember when surf sprays became a thing? Bumble and bumble had the jump with the in-actual Surf Spray, but I totally remember eighth grade, me buying John Freida's seafoam-y blue incarnation.

It was separated like oil and water--you had to shake it up before using. I believe it smelled of coconuts and kosher salt. Oh, and apparently you also had to be BLONDE, as it was from their "Beach Blonde" line, which left me frustrated, grappling with the fact that I had to accept snowboarding and hiking as recreation while all the stupid blondes got to chill in their stupid slutty bikinis at the stupid slutty dumb beach.

It worked OK, if a little half-ass-edly. It probably knew I was a brunette.

Eventually I upgraded to the indiscriminating Surf Spray, which comes in a murdered-out bottle with chrome spray nozzle, making me feel a little like my BFF Alex Wang, who gets driven around Soho in a murdered-out G Wagon. It's basically the same thing. Basically!

So last week I somehow ended up with the full Surf line from Bumble, as it sometimes awesomely goes for a beauty editor, I guess. Coincidentally, I was going to the beach. Let's compare, shall we?

Above is me about half an hour out of the Atlantic. Beach hair dries real quick, probably because the salt sucks all the moisture out, curling your under-the-microscope cartoon hair molecules up like lazy gift ribbon. Hence the waves. The roots felt a bit greasy--I've no real explanation for that.

You can see from the back that my hair is mermaid at best, enviable at least. Thanks, nature!

And now for Bumble's interpretation...

I let it air dry in the sun per the instructions. I'm by-the-books for following instructions, even though I still end up with chemical burns on my upper lip.

Look at those waves! Did you even notice that I'm not in some tropical paradise? Seriously, look again: These photos were taken by the highway in Brooklyn! Yes, I'm for real!

The shampoo is on point with the "foam wash" description. It's super-foamy! But doesn't feel like it's stripping my hair. And the conditioner feels sooo soft in your hair, although not the best detangler. Nbd, because neither is the ocean, right?

Don't be afraid to over-apply the surf spray. I get better results by really going at it rather than giving one to two spritzes a section.

I think the only real difference between the two is that the waves are more uniform in size when I use the Surf line, rather than straight-up jumping in the ocean.

Which do you prefer? You look really pretty today, by the way.