Hide How Filthy Your Hair Is With A Side French Braid

If, like me, you can't or won't wash your hair every day despite your mother's "biologist" telling you that you must, this is the fix for you.
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April 22, 2013
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As we have discussed extensively, I have very messy, very curly hair. In that very first post of mine, I discovered that straightening my hair takes just under one hour, which is too lengthy for my kind of schedule and body temperature: I've got things to do, and it gets too hot under all the hair tools.

This means that shampooing can't happen frequently--it just can't!

But I found out from my mother's biologist, Ivana, who comes by the house to spritz my scalp with a natural tonic infused with who-knows-what every time I pay a visit to Mexico, I need to wash my hair every day.

She's like, "You have the kind of hair that needs to be washed every day."

I'm like, "What kind of ambiguous job title is biologist?"

(Mom: "I've hired a biologist to come do hair treatments." Me: "A biologist? You mean a doctor? An aesthetician?" Mom: "A biologist." IDK…)

The point is, sorry, Ivana, but I just don't have the time or patience to wash and sculpt every day, so I resort to powdering my roots with dry shampoo and braiding it at least twice a week.

I can't even help it at this point; my fingers just weave through the strands before I can tell them that I don't really want to look like I want to look five years old.

But it's a truth I can't fight anymore, guys: Lauren Conrad has saved my hair life for the past six years with her iconic side French braid hairdo. It tames poofy, out-of-control waves, and adds texture to lifeless, limp hair that was straightened one day (or four) ago.

So now, a very sloppy (but appropriately-so, right?) side-braid tutorial:

What do you do to your hair when you don't have the time or motivation to wash it?