She used some magic Costa Rican jungle flower and is too "spacey" to remember what it was!

Yay! Jane's back. Yay! Yay! She went to Costa Rica with young Charlotte for a vacation wherein she, "tried to eat really healthy, so that might have something to do with my hair."

The first thing everybody said to Jane when she came back was something to the effect of, "Oh my god! Your haaaaiiirr." It looks really full, soft, curly and shiny right now. I don't know if I've ever seen Jane's hair this curly before; I'm honestly still not totally used to it.

But I LIKE it! And she says it's all thanks to this miracle jungle flower that her hot tour guide with MESMERIZING thick, dark hair told her to squeeze the juices out of and, "ju too, Yane, will hahve amahzing, theek, shiny hair." (She didn't say that he said that, but she told me I could write this post so I'm taking liberties.)

Back to Jane's diet, because this is funny. "So Jane, tell us what exactly it was that you ate." Madeline suggested fresh coconuts.

"Yeah! And pineapples, and bananas--like, banana bread--and pineapple upside-down cake, and it might have actually been the macadamia nuts. They put those in the chocolate chip cookies." LOL! Jane's fresh, healthy diet consists of FRUITY BAKED GOODS.

No, a few days of macadamia nuts sprinkled into some cookies isn't going to make your hair all bouncy-curly. It was the plant. And, of course, Jane is too spacey--her words, not mine--to remember the name. She says it looked like a mix between an agave flower and a ginger flower. A red petal-y thing with white tips.

My theory is that it's a hybrid with some made-up name that--let's call him Hector--is harvesting to start is own multinational haircare corporation based on the natural miracle plant. OF COURSE he's going give some to Yane Pratt and also try to seduce her so that she raves all over the internet. NOT WORKING, HECTOR, SHE CAN'T EVEN REMEMBER WHAT IT'S CALLED.

Question: Who's been to Costa Rica and DO you know about this miracle plant? Spark Yane's memory in the comments!