Figuring Out the Hair that Feels Most "Me," Plus COTW!

I'm not quite sure this is it.
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January 30, 2016
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When it comes to hair, I think everyone has one particular style/color that really makes you feel like YOU. It doesn't necessarily have to be the most flattering hair style or the color you were born with; it just feels like the hair you were meant to have.

I always felt that way about my pixie cut; long hair just doesn't feel like me. I was also surprised to find that I felt perfectly happy with a shaved head, so much so that sometimes I feel like I can't wait to shave it again.

I've also noticed recently, after going blonde for the second time, that I feel much more me with blonde hair than with my natural brown. That's unfortunate, since bleached blonde hair is a lot of maintenance. That's why I'm currently rocking this hybrid of a blonde pixie and a brunette undercut.

The back of my hair just wouldn't let go of its brassiness, so I shaved it down to its natural color. It's been fun for a while, but in the end, this hairstyle just doesn't feel like me.

So I'm looking forward to (actually, a more accurate word would be DREADING) stocking up on bleach and toner and giving it the old college try. My entire head WILL be white-blonde by spring, dammit!

I have a half-formed plan to ruin it by going through the entire Manic Panic line of colors one at a time before shaving it off. Why not? I might feel most like myself with a blonde pixie cut or a shaved head, but that doesn't mean I can't have fun with other phases, too.

OK, now it's time for Comments of the Week!

1. "Chess" EARNED this COTW award with her mini cleanser review:

getting blinded by the shine on your darn hair! Cleanser wise I use la roche posay effaclar cleansing gel which sound pretty similar to this, for dry sensitive skin but foams a little. Not fragrance free, but it's £11 for 200ml, lasts for ages and really concentrated. I got bored of it towards the end of my last tube and started using it as body wash and it sorted out my spotty butt so i still use it for that. LA TOUCHE POSAY

2. "Remy" has a good tip for a microbead-free DIY scrub:

I add a pinch of rice flour to my cleanser once a week or so when I feel I need a scrub. It's very fine but not so fine as to be useless, cheap as fuck, and a bag lasts you FOREVER. It doesn't work for your feet so well, but pretty much for everything else it's awesome. I add some to my shampoo every time I wash my hair to take care of my gross unidentified itchy flaky scalp problem. It works great in your body wash, too.

3. Most people have a story of cutting their own hair as a child but "Annabel" wins with hers:

I once cut part of my hair off because a cow started eating it at a farm. I didn't cut it off because it was gross, no I cut it off so I could keep it and I put it in an envelope because I loved cows so much

4. Let "niviane" guide you to illuminating makeup and many, many compliments:

For any European gals or anyone who just likes Essence I have been using their mousse foundation mixed with some argan oil and SO. MANY. COMPLIMENTS. You could use any oil I'm sure, I just have some argan oil lying around.

5. "Clever_Pun_Here" had the best reaction to last weekend's news round-up that involved misusing Lush products and putting needles on your crow's feet:

Just when you think something is foolproof, some fool proves you wrong. ETA: the idea of putting pointies near my eye scares me, but I'll still do it once the crows land on my face.

So if you've got a quiet Saturday happening, care to talk about hair?

  • Is there one hair color (or style) that makes you feel most like yourself? Or are you a total hair chameleon?
  • Are you happy with your current hair? Or are you more like me, constantly futzing with it?