2-Minute Hairstyles: Easy Half-Up Waves

Because life is too short to have hair perpetually stuck in your lip gloss.
Publish date:
September 24, 2014
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When last we met, I showed you how to save a ruined blowout the easy way, and today I'm teaching you how to serve pinned-back '50s realness! That's right, today's two minute hairstyle video is how to do one of my go-to styles: half-up half-down with lots of loose waves!

Because if you're like me, you like wearing your hair down...but you hate it getting in your face. Life is too short to perpetually have hair stuck in your lip gloss, AM I RIGHT?

(Make sure you watch this video all the way to the end, because there is a funny ending. At least, I hope it's funny.)

And speaking of lip gloss: my lipstick in this video is MAC x Simpsons Lipglass in Itchy & Scratchy & Sexy. I'm not sure why it looks so pink in this video, because it's a lovely berry-purple in real life.

So tell me: I KNOW there are like a million ways to execute this look, and this is mine, but how do you execute the half-up half-down look? Are you a curling iron or hot rollers person? Any other DePaul alumna out there?