These Little Hair Sheets Tame My Unruly Locks In One Swipe

I've added these smoothing sheets to my arsenal of frizz-fighting weapons.
Publish date:
January 18, 2015
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I have tried some pretty wacky things over the years to fight frizz. Hand lotion, Elmer’s glue, dryer sheets, piles of product--all in the name of taming the mane. I should note that many of them were too much for my fine strands, and most of them were volume killers, leaving me with limp and greasy hair. But hey, you live and you learn.

That's where Kérastase’s Carré Lissant Limited-Edition Smoothing Sheets come in. I was really excited to try what I initially thought were blotting papers for the hair, similar to the Tatcha Aburatorigami Papers, to which I have grown quite addicted. I eagerly yanked open the box and began smearing sheets of the stuff into my roots, as if it were dry shampoo. I made my roots glossy and polished, which I quickly realized would result in enough oil to make freedom fries. Oopz.

Fast forward to me doing the reasonable thing: reading the instructions. Duh, this is a product for mid-lengths and ends! Beeswax and coconut oil derivatives add a fine sheen to parched or petulant strands. These sheets bust frizz, smooth static and flyaways, and add shine to dull ends. They do not absorb oil. When approached correctly, they provide a calming, lavender-scented glow, even in bad weather.

The sheets help keep order, and they don’t add weight or grease. I happily added these to my touch-up bag, so I can fix any crispy looking hairs that might crop up during the day.

If like me, you are one to stretch a shampoo, it’s probably a good idea to check these out. Winter static? Gone. New York humidity frizz? Forget about it. This product ticks the boxes for my purposes, and I would imagine others will agree.

  • Have any of you used dryer sheets to tame flyaways?
  • What’s the oddest thing you’ve ever tried to eliminate frizzies?

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Darnell Scott