Hair Chalking: Why Haven't You Tried This Yet?

A rainbow hair look that anyone can try (without bleach)!
Publish date:
October 9, 2013
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I like to picture the inventor of hair chalking as a struggling artist working late into the night on a big pastel drawing. She pauses to examine her work, touching her colour-covered fingers to her hair, and the magic of easy rainbow hair is born.

Seriously though, hair chalking is pretty easy and works on all different types of hair colour and texture. The chalk itself can be cheaply bought at any craft store by the stick or in a big cheap pack (dollar stores often have them too!) and each chunk will last through quite a few uses. You can also buy a hair chalk kit, like Urban Outfitter's Hair Chalk Rainbow Set.

The best part is it washes right out, so you can do any amount of insane things on your head on Sunday and then return back to looking like a normal person in time for work on Monday!

I decided to change things up and try this look both on myself and my very dark-haired (and slightly resistant) partner. It was easier on my dry dead hair, but worked nicely on his super-fine hair, too. (With darker hair, try to stick to a more vibrant colour palette, as the light pastels seemed to almost disappear when they dried.)

There are of course a few minor downfalls. The chalk will leave marks on your clothing/partner's clothing/pillows, but it usually washes out quite easily. If you have bleached hair, the chalk could leave a bit of residue stain in there, so try to keep to warmer shades, which will fade out easier than, say, a bright green.

And of course it doesn’t last long at all. Like barely a day. But, this leaves room for endless creativity! You can try rainbow streaks one day and a gorgeous turquoise ombre in your ends another day.

Step 1

Assemble your tools. You will need:

  • a spray bottle
  • hair chalks in whatever colour you’d like (oil-free!)
  • a brush
  • a straightener/curling iron if you’re into that heat stuff

Step 2

Spray a chunk of hair until it is quite damp.

Step 3

Twist the hair into a little spiral. The ridges will help your hair pick up the chalk, especially if you have fine

hair like my model.

Step 4

Colour the chalk onto your twisted hair, rubbing it up and down so it catches on the ridges. Then let go, twist the opposite way, and repeat. Finally, colour in any parts you missed with the hair resting on the palm of your hand. Keep chalking until satisfied.

Step 5

Let your hair air dry, and don’t disturb the chalk. When it has dried completely, style it! I never use heat tools, but ombre chalk hair looks pretty amazing curly, and the internet tells me a straightener can help solidify the chalk a little better so it lasts longer, so it’s completely up to you.

For the two of us, I simply brushed the chalk a tiny bit once it was dry and we were good to go galloping about the town.

Have you tried this yet? What did you use?