Gum Is My New Toothbrush And I Don't Believe In Fairies

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October 21, 2013
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A pipe in my bathroom busted into our downstairs neighbors' apartment so I can't use the bathroom. Luckily I have an apartment available for my use a street over, but it's filled with boys and the things boys love: tools and mismatched tupperware.

I'm really bad at the back-and-forth, and moved all of my belongings out last week after also vowing to never talk to Dude again. Did you know that you can block people on the new iOS? He stole flowers from a Bat Mitzvah for me, though, so we good.

So now I'm back at point A, when we first started boning and being in love a while ago. No emergency third-choice makeup products strewn about his room, no clean underwear that made it in with his wash. No toothbrush.

I'm working on my first fashion post for Abby over on xoJane on what to do in these types of situations. My outfit is tops, but I washed my face with Wen and used sunscreen as a moisturizer. Gum was my best bet for my mouth situation--and I have to say it's not the worst thing ever.

Dentyne's where it's at if you're going to buy emergency gum. You want it to burn uncomfortably upon first chew--that's how you know it's killing your breath germs. Gum also probably pulls any teeny food particles out of your teeth, but I like to scrape them with my fingernail to remove any crusty plaque stuff. It's the next best thing to a dentist, promise.

Oh, and guess where the Internet took me today:

Hint: Gwyneth Paltrow was totally in this what could be a movie set. Guess away, selfie your beautiful faces so I can continue to brag about how hot our readers are, and you could win some Davines Sea Salt Spray that they sent over after I ranted about how much I missed it. We'll both try it and compare results, mkay? Please be over 18 and in the US.

Congrats misiface! You've won the awesome L'Oreal eyeshadow from last time. HOLLA! Sending out more prizes today!