I'm Growing Out My Signature Pixie Cut... Maybe

After almost five years, I still love it; and yet, I’m starting to wonder if I should change things up just for the sake of change.
Publish date:
February 18, 2014

What’s the difference between
having a signature look and being stuck in a rut?

I’m guessing it depends on
whether what you’re doing is working for you and if you like it. I think my
pixie cut looks better on me than any other hairstyle I’ve had, and after almost
five years, I still love it; and yet, I’m starting to wonder if I should
change things up just for the sake of change.

I love change. I was always happy to switch schools, I don’t like being in
the same job for more than a year, and if I could, I would move to a new city
every spring.

This translates to my style, too. I don’t have a signature look;
one day, I’ll be in all black and the next, I’ll be wearing an incredibly twee
dress (much like the one you see me wearing here). I’ll wear red lipstick for a week,
convinced that it has become my thing, and then I’ll go without makeup for two

The only constant part of my look
for the past five years is my pixie cut, and even that has been through a lot
of different permutations: shaggy, close-cropped, curly,
black… You get the idea. I’ve been willing to do a lot of things to my hair,
but growing it out is one option that was never on the table.

My pixie cut
suits my face and my extremely lazy
disposition. Other than washing it two times a week, I don’t do anything else
to it right now. (When I was blonde, I put coconut oil in it, but it’s not
necessary now that I’ve given up the bleach.) I keep meaning to find the
perfect product to style my hair, but for now, I just run my hands through it in
the morning. If I have a bad hair day I wear a hat or go get a trim.

Also, I hate to be one of those
girls, but my boyfriend loves my short hair as much as I do. I didn’t even tell
him I was going to cut my hair off; I just showed up one day with a pixie cut
and he loved it.

This means a lot to me, simply because of how many men have
told me I’d look prettier with longer hair. Josh doesn’t care if my hair is
shorter than his sometimes. Once, over drinks at our favorite bar, we were
trying to see whose bangs had gotten longer, and our waitress came over to find
both of us with our hair plastered down our faces.

GAH! I’ve made so many great
memories with you, pixie cut!

Still, it might be time to say
goodbye to my pixie. Very, very slowly. And only for a little while. I’ve been
considering growing it out to a chin-length bob.

I’m feeling really inspired by
these two short bobs: this piece-y one and this
wavy one
. I also love platinum blonde bobs,
like Emily Weiss's.

Right now, my master plan is to grow my hair out to chin-length, then bleach it
and have fun with a blonde bob until I get tired of the roots and upkeep. Then,
with a joyous snip-snip, I’ll cut off all the hard-earned but damaged long hair
and go back to my true love, the pixie cut.

It’s sort of like how guys break up
with the girl they’ve dated forever to “experience the world” (read: bang other
chicks) for a while and then come back after a few months and propose. I swear
that’s a thing.

So, should I really go for this?
Maybe I’ll let you guys vote on the whole bob thing.

I know it’s not as drastic as
cutting or dyeing. If I start to realize that my hair looks awful once it
grows past my ears, I can just give up and trim it.

I’m also curious because
after years of having short hair and doing all manners of things to it, I have
no idea what my hair will do at a longer length. If it’s anything like my poofy
triangle hair from my senior year of high school, you have my word that I will
abort the experiment immediately. If it goes well, however, I promise to take
pictures of the growing-out process and share whatever tips I glean from the

So, what do you guys say? You know
I love being your guinea pig.