I Traded My Platinum Blonde For A Silver Pelt, And It Has Nothing To Do With Kylie Jenner

I just wanted a black-to-silver ombré situation that would grow out imperceptibly.
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November 6, 2014
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For the first time probably ever, I tapped into a trend before a trendsetter. The day after I went gray I stumbled upon a Refinery29 story about Kylie Jenner of the rich-for-richness-sake Kardashian/Jenner conglomerate, and she was sporting newly silvered hair.

I'm pretty sure her gray/silver is mostly extensions, since her hair also magically grew several inches, and that's probably way less damaging than pouring hair ink on your head.

But the point is, I didn't dip my toes in the gray water, I cannonballed. I win!

Silver/gray-colored hair isn't a new trend at all: it’s been a thing for at least a year, but when a Jenner does it you can be sure it has hit maximum capacity.

Since my summer ombré/highlight was beginning to take a Banana Boat turn that couldn’t really be absolved without another salon visit, I thought, Why not go full steel and jump on the silver wagon? Being that the days were getting darker and colder and autumn-er, I found myself nostalgic for my inky locks once more, but not quite willing to let go of the blonde lightning that took such pains to achieve.

I consulted Kelly, a longtime friend turned pro colorist who recently started working at a new salon in Herald Square called Hairroin (heh heh). LOLs aside, I had been stalking her Instagram and seeing the color magic she'd done on past clients. She was the perfect person to pewter my locks.

I just wanted a black-to-silver ombré situation that would grow out imperceptibly. I also wanted to look like a witch.

Some time around my second go at the shampoo sink, rinsing out the slate gray toner, I took a look at my wet fur in the mirror and thought to myself, WINTER IS COMING. Which, other than being a fact, is what I was going for when I decided (again, on a whim) to go gray.

Though it's pretty flattering overall, silver/gray-colored hair is a pain to maintain. My attempts at simplifying my hair color have in turn become more finicky, but it’s not without some logic. Platinum, other than tone, requires removal of color. Putting that icy gray hue over what is essentially a light beige base is a constant battle for balance.

Kelly intentionally made my hair a slightly darker slate blue-gray, knowing full well that it would fade really quickly into what I wanted.

Lo and behold, after the first wash, there was blue-tinted water washing down the drain.

Two washes later and my hair was at optimum grayscale--think comic book noir, not octogenarian. Kara recommended this Aveda Black Malva Shampoo and Conditioner to fight the fade. It works the same way purple toning shampoo works for platinum, but for gray/black hair. Apparently, it’s so strong that if you use it on platinum hair it’ll give your hair a silvery-gray tone.

No lie, second best thing to having witch hair is the goth accoutrement. If you thought purple conditioner was fun, try lathering up with what looks like squid ink!

To be honest, I felt a pang of woe when I saw my darkened ‘do, initially. Gone are the blonde days! Considering that my hair grows way faster than my income, it was always going to be a glittering joyride--brief, but fun.

I’m not racing to the grave or anything, but a little premature salt in my pepper will be equally as amusing, I think. Too bad I didn't do this pre-Halloween or else I would've had a built-in Silver Sable costume.

  • Have any of you die-hard platinums gone back to your natural color--or another color--and suffered a slight identity rift?
  • For that matter, does sharing the same hair color choice as a Jenner throw you into an identity crisis as well? If it’s not the gray that makes me feel old, it is this fact.
  • If you’ve got any other silver maintenance tips, give ‘em up! And please don’t tell me I look like some grandma cougar!