Going Blonde, Without Damaging Your Hair

How highlights are giving me the blonde locks I've always wanted.
Publish date:
February 25, 2015
hair color, paul mitchell, highlights, going blonde, hot roots

I love being a blonde. I was born--and born to be--blonde. But going lighter is not without its complications. There's pain involved, breakage, the root situation and, of course, maintenance.

Hot roots are the particular bane of my existence, the thing that prevents me from living out my true calling and becoming a platinum blonde. In my case, that means orange/coppery roots, with perfectly colored, cool blonde ends.

Luckily, there is a way around this situation: highlights, which allow you to go as blonde as you need without putting any dye on your actual hot scalp.

I’ve been burned before. My previous hairdresser insisted that she could make me a cool blonde and then backtracked to “strawberry blonde” when I pointed out how orange it was (some might even say it glowed).

This time around, I took multiple photos of what I wanted to my genius hairstylist, Lindsay. Together we chose a color and got down to business.

She did a full head of highlights using Paul Mitchell Dual Purpose Lightener, which lightens your hair to the desired level without too much damage (seriously, my hair is in A+ condition).

Lindsay made sure to foil in panels around my face, going up so that when I tie my hair into a ponytail or top knot, the effect is the same as when it’s down. Once it was on for about 15 minutes, she mixed 9A Light Ash Blonde and 7CB Medium Cool Blonde with 20 volume to make a toner. She used that throughout my hair to ensure that the highlights were toned and my base color was lifted, and the contrast between my natural brunette hair and my new blonde hair wasn’t too stark.

The first round of highlights went well, but she wasn’t happy with the warmth of the color in my fringe area, so I returned after 10 days for more highlights in that area.

As promised, she foiled only the top of my head and left it on for 10 minutes. Then she used the same toner mixture, but this time with only 10 Volume in that area. The result is glorious.

I’ve never gone so light in such a short amount of time before. And no tears!

The moral of this beautiful, enchanting tale is that anybody can go blonde.

  • Do you have hot roots?
  • Has a hairdresser ever bleached your hair orange and called it “strawberry blonde”?
  • Do you have any brunette-to-blonde horror stories?