Protein-Rich, Gluten-Free Shampoo For Highlighted Hair

A shampoo aimed at keeping the lights on.

I have a soft spot for French luxury naturals; the French have been carrying the naturals torch for decades, way before it was fashionable to do so.

Backed by the research of two generations of family scientists, Paris-based hair care brand Leonor Greyl was founded in the late '60s. The products are simultaneously stripped down and extravagant.

As the bearer of some drastically blonde ends, I'm a prime candidate for Greyl's newest offering, Shampooing Sumblime Meches for highlighted hair.

I tried it on myself and my mum, who also has highlights. Results below!

What: Leonor Greyl Shampooing Sublime MechesIntended Users: For hair that has some degree of lightening or highlights.Intended Results: To treat a sensitive scalp and add protein to parched ends.Price: $51Price Per Oz: $7.29

Notable Inclusions And Exclusions: Leonor Greyl is a natural leaning line, so this shampoo is free of sulfates, silicones, and parabens and uses primarily organic and sustainably sourced ingredients. Protein is added but there is no gluten--good news for those with severe allergies. The protein in this case is sourced from quinoa and amaranth. Chamomile extract soothes sensitive skin, algae extract adds vital nutrients, and polyquats and glycerin up humectancy.

Overall Impression: Very nice (Borat voice)! I enjoyed using this on myself and others. It washes nicely, getting in there without stripping or coating the hair. I also liked it’s silky and plump results; my hair didn’t feel weighed down or greasy after using it. Getting a shampoo that adds body without completely drying out tresses is a tricky dance, but this is a viable option, especially if you also need protein. You only need a tiny amount to get the job done, so if you are a little shampoo squirrel like me, you will make it last a long time. Mom said that if it made her hair feel that nice after every wash, she would buy it regardless of the cost.

Rating: 3 out of 5 cat heart eyes emojis

Finding your favorite luxury or naturals brand can itch a scratch you never knew you had, whether it comes from the pharmacies of Europe or the skin-centric kiosks of Asia (trying them all is a lifetime goal for me).

I like Leonor Greyl's attention to niche concerns, such as gluten-free protein, as well as the line’s other offerings, like honey- and propolis-based shampoos and treatments, which I’m going to try as soon as possible.

This shampoo is a great choice for lightened hair. When you bleach hair, proteins are (usually) lost, so using protein laden products can really improve your chances of avoiding split ends. There are many shampoos out there that can give you protein, but not all of them are going to tick everyone’s boxes. I like this one more than most because it doesn’t use silicone to counteract the usual crunchy feeling many shampoos leave behind. Leonor Greyl left no trace of crunchiness, which is a sure sign the protein is greater than your needs!

  • Is your highlighted hair getting enough protein?
  • What other gluten-free shampoos and conditioners have you tried or heard of?

Photos by Darnell Scott