Gigi Hadid's Hairstylist Just Taught Me How to Copy Her Perfect Waves

AKA, my dream hairstyle.
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April 6, 2016
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You know the way people used to freak out over the "Rachel" in the '90s? That's how I feel about Gigi Hadid's messy waves. It's the one hairstyle I'm trying desperately to perfect, and let's be honest, for good reason. Her beachy look goes with everything — jeans and a tee, and as her Instagram page proves, even your #casual Balmain dress. So how on earth does one copy this look?

When I got the chance to chat with her hairstylist and owner of Kennaland in Brooklyn, Kenna, you better bet that's the first question I asked. He delivered the need-to-know info, along with a few other tips on how to make every day a good hair day. Soak it up below.

1. Prep hair with a blowout spray.

Before blowing out Gigi's hair, Kenna applies a product called evo mister fantastic texture spray ($30; on damp hair and then smooths it in with the blow-dryer. The formula provides heat protection and also adds texture and fullness.

2. Curl large sections of hair.

This one surprised me. When I tell (read: complain to) hairstylists that my waves always fall out, many times they tell me I may not be curling small enough sections. Interestingly enough, to get the waves that Gigi often wears in Maybelline ads, Kenna often curls large sections of hair with the ghd Curve Classic Wave Wand ($199;

"I take large sections working up the head and wrap hair around as much of the hot part of the tool as possible to create this loose wave. I leave the ends out," he says.

3. Soften the waves.

Did all that and your hair looks way too curly and not beachy enough? There's a fine line, we know. To loosen 'em up, Kenna suggests using a brush and a blow-dryer to soften the look.

4. Opt for a wand.

Choosing the right tool is a big part in nailing the look. "I ALWAYS use ghd Curve Classic Wave wand on Gigi's hair. It's super important for speed and shine," he told me. This product is actually oval-shaped as opposed to cylindrical, specifically designed for deep waves.

5. If you need to control frizz, try curling with a flatiron.

I had to ask him about using a flat iron has a curling iron. Is it really worth it? Turns out, if you need to control your hair type or make it more manageable, it's a solid option.

"I think that if you have challenging hair — i.e curly/corse/frizzy — using ghd Platinum Flat Iron ($249; to create waves will help control your texture and create style," he said. "Don't get bummed out if it doesn't work for you right away. It's sometimes a tricky technique to master straight away."

6. Find a hair washing routine that works for you.

Still not sure how often you should really be washing your hair? I had to ask Kenna for his stance on the topic. There's no hard and fast rule.

"Everyone's hair is so different! I say it's whatever works for you," he said. "It's a blessing sometimes if a model turns up with 'day old hair' but then again, if its greasy its a huge problem!"

7. Dry spray wax is the secret to perfectly messy hair.

Perfect messy hair? Yeah, I know it's a oxymoron, but you know exactly what I'm talking about. Getting the right fly-aways and amount of frizz takes a team of products, tools, and skills. Kenna said he often turns to evo she bang a bang, a dry spray wax that creates texture. When describing it, he said that it "really helps create all the unique imperfections in a lot of the styles I create on set."

8. Don't fight frizz.

Summer is on the way, and if frizz is a main concern, Kenna's best tip is to "glow with the flow." Really!

"Don't fight it. If you are going try and battle nature then use Oribe Anti Humidity Spray ($22; before you curl or style with your ghd Platinum Flat Iron — both life savers," he suggests.

9. Wear conditioner to work.

Yep. That's what Kenna told me to do when I asked about his best tips to nurse dry hair back to health after a highlighting session or going lighter for summer.

"If you do feel a your hair is little/or a lot dry, whenever you can keep conditioner in your hair (at home watching TV, at the beach, etc.) wear a slicked back look with conditioner to work at the beginning of the week. I promise you'll start to notice the change," he said.

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