Quick Question: Do You Get Creative With Bobby Pins?

Annie is wearing a dozen on one side of her head and it somehow makes aesthetic sense.
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May 2, 2013
Quick Question, bobby pins

I am terribly uncreative with my hair. I either wear it down, in a ponytail, with a headband (rare), or in a topknot--and I had to muster up some serious courage to actually start using a hair donut. I wore it around my apartment several times before allowing myself to be seen in public. I'm still not sure if the hair at my crown is the right balance of smooth and bumpy. The old man in the Mets jacket sitting across from me on the train is totally judging my bumpiness, isn't he...

Even more than a lack of creativity, I find myself baffled by the execution of any hairstyle that requires pins or clips. I really want to pin my bangs back with a slight poof, but even when I follow expert instructions, I feel like I'm getting it wrong, wrong, wrong. And also wrong.

So when Annie strolls in casually KILLING IT with a friggin' fan of a dozen colorful bobby pins on the side of her head, my mind goes boom.

That takes INSTINCT, not to mention confidence. I barely have enough hairstyle confidence for the little black pins it takes to keep my hair donut on top of my head. Big green and red "Jumbo Bob Pin" confidence? Absent.

Annie admitted that she felt a bit over accessorized on her commute in: "The hair, the jacket, the iced coffee..." (Iced coffee is an accessory now.) Sure, Coco Chanel might have advised women to take off one accessory before leaving the house, but Coco Chanel is dead and Annie looks rad. Hell, she could add another bobby pin and it would still work.

So, today's Quick Question: Do you get creative with bobby pins?