Grooming Products To Make Your Dog Feel So Fresh & So Clean

Only the best for my Doug.
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October 18, 2014
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Today I thought it would be a fun change to talk about beauty products for pets. As some of you may know, I recently adopted an Irish Setter/Golden Retriever mix named Doug. With his high-maintenance coat, I spend more time grooming Doug than myself these days. Thus I’ve managed to find a lot of awesome pet products in the span of a month, and I’d love to share.

Did you know that Kiehl's has grooming products for dogs? I was so excited to find that out, and they were nice enough to send some for us to try. When I first got Doug, I read that baby shampoo is totally acceptable for bathing dogs, so I've just been using that. It cleaned him up and left him smelling good for about a day, but I wanted something a little nicer. Not to mention some conditioner.

Kiehl's Cuddly-Coat Grooming Shampoo and Conditioning Rinse

These products arrived at my door just after we'd gone for a walk in the woods and Doug had happily thrown himself face-first into some invisible (to me) but foul-smelling discovery of his.

At first I thought, Aw, look how happy he is rolling around on the ground. Cute! Then he came over and I got a whiff and almost passed out. I actually had doubts that this shampoo would be able to effectively rid his fur of all traces of the horrible smell, but I'm happy to report that it did--and then some. The lavender scent is so, so good. It's fresh and clean in a gentle, powdery way, without being perfume-y or overpowering, and it lasts for a few days.

The shampoo contains glycerin and the conditioner has palm kernel oil. They are both formulated with chamomile flower extract and promise to be gentle enough for your dog's coat and skin. (Side note: to be on the safe side I always keep products away from Doug's face.) His coat was fluffy and shiny afterward and didn't seem to be weighed down with residual product.

Kiehl's Spray-N-Play Cleansing Spritz

This ended up being my new favorite Doug product. I spray it on and rub it in on days when he's smelling a little iffy. It has the same lovely scent as the shampoo and conditioner, and it really cleans and freshens his coat. Oh, and Doug loves it, too. But he loves basically any grooming ritual. He thinks he's just getting a really good petting session. That's why I'm writing this review, not him.

Isle of Dogs Everyday Coating Brush Conditioning Spray

I'll definitely be keeping this one around because it's a good detangler and Doug is always catching millions of prickly burs on his coat. This spray helps speed up the process of getting them out. I just use it on tangled bits of fur, though, because the smell is kind of strong. I wouldn't want Doug to walk around smelling like a scented candle.

Pet Head Dogs Luv It!! Dry Shampoo

With a "strawberry lemonade" scent, this was my least favorite product. The smell was too strong and there was no detangling benefit. It seems effective enough at freshening up his coat, but since I don't particularly like having my dog smell like chemical strawberry lemonade, I probably won't be using it much.

Nature's Miracle Deodorizing Dog Bath Wipes

I use these alcohol-free moisturizing wipes in the Spring Waters scent almost daily to wipe down Doug's paws and coat after walks. He always finds something gross to step in, so this helps to keep him from tracking germs and dirt inside. The scent is great--fresh and clean but not too strong--and they're pretty cheap. Although, I go through them fast, which is why I don't have a photo to show you.

That's the gist of Doug's beauty product arsenal so far, but there's plenty of other beauty products out there for pets. I was tempted by this dog nail polish, for example, but decided against it in the end. Not because he's a dude, but because I couldn't imagine trying to get Doug to sit still long enough for nail polish to dry.

  • What other products should I check out for Doug? I'm looking for a good lotion for his dry paws.
  • Pet pictures in the comments, please!

Photos by Joshua Kirby