Wear Scrunchies Like A Hot French Chick

Because hot French chicks can make anything look sexy.

I'd kind of blocked scrunchies out of my immediate awareness in 1999. I had the typical '80s/'90s xx-chromosome drawer full of them--the top, super-shallow middle drawer. (What else even fits in there besides barrettes, scrunchies, bobby pins, and the medium-to-small claw clips?)

They'd resurface from time to time throughout the '00s when I'd come across some personal beauty share story of a chick who'd embarrassingly admit to keeping a scrunchie around to tie her hair up when she did a mask or applied makeup, "because it doesn't leave kinks!"

Then, a few months ago, I came across a photo of my beauty goal, Josephine de la Baume, wearing what I recall was a seersucker scrunchie at the end of a lazy braid, flopped over her shoulder. And there, that very second, I was overcome with the need to own and wear all the scrunchies.

But contain yourselves; not any scrunchie will do. Look for ones made of natural fibers, like cotton (There's probably some hippie garden mom making organic linen and bamboo scrunchies on Etsy, right?), in fabrics that make sense with your wardrobe.

Denim seemed like a natural choice for me as I rummaged through the scrunchie display at one of my twelve local American Apparels. They also have adorable teeny florals, stripes and lip prints. I'd steer clear of any neon nylon options--you want the scrunchie to look like a little ruffly cloud at home resting naturally on your shoulder, not a neon eyesore like a chewed up wad of Bubblicious.

Thoughts? TELL ME YOU DON'T LOVE THIS. At least try it this weekend ;)