Get Super-Cute Super-Tight Curls Using Super-Easy Foam Rollers

A curling tutorial--and I’m not talking Canadian sports, ya hosers!
Publish date:
June 28, 2013
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Dyeing my hair pink made-a my dreams come true, Oates, but there was one element missing: curls!

Give me a head with curls--tight, out-of-sight curls--and I am one happy lady. But perms are so passe, and with color-treated hair, you want to stay away from too much heat. That means limited curling iron usage.

Never fear! I’ve found a way around the heat that will leave you with gorgeous, fabulous curls.

Let’s start with your hair type; this is imperative to the success of your curls. Does your hair hold a style like an old lady holding her purse on a public bus? Or does it go limp like a… you know where I’m going with this analogy. Either way, this style will work for you!

Pick up one to two of these packages of foam rollers from your local Sally’s or Ricky’s. You can decide on the size, but the smaller the roller, the tighter the curl, and I like them tight!

Wash and condition as you normally would, then dry your hair thoroughly.

Grab a comb. Starting at the front of your scalp, section off a portion of hair no wider than the curler itself, and no thicker than two of your fingers. Using a portion of hair wider than the curler will keep you from rolling the curlers tightly to your scalp, and could leave you with funky, abnormal curls.

Pull the curler straight up to the end of that section of your hair.

Your hair might not be the same length, depending on your layering situation. If this is the case, twist the end of the hair around the curler, careful to smooth the pieces down and under the rest of the hair so that they don’t come out kinked when you’re done.

Continue to twist the curler down toward your scalp, then clip shut.

Continue to work straight back down the center of your scalp until you get to the nape of your neck. This will provide the most height and bounce to your curls and ensure that you don’t end up with a weird, curl-less part down the middle of your head.

After completing the center section, begin on the sides. The way you set the side curls is up to you. I prefer for my hair to flow to the left since I’m shaved on the sides, so I set the curlers accordingly. (The curlers on the right side of my scalp will sit on TOP of the sections of hair, and curl up toward the center.)

Ready? Set!

My hair holds curl really well, and I want a loser curl, so I’ll leave mine in for 15 minutes. If you have hair that won’t cooperate with curl, you can always wash your hair at night and set the curls before bed. Sleeping in them will leave you with insane curls that will stay for days!

Now, remove the curlers.

Separate the curls gently using your fingers. Don’t use a brush or comb as you might snag the curls causing them to lose some curl.

Finish off with a quarter-size portion of Ion Pomade Wax; rub it between your fingers, then scrunch softly in your hair.

I also like to give a few spritzes of L’Oreal Elnett Satin Hair Spray just to keep those curls in place.

Now throw on some lipstick and get out there and turn some heads!