Afraid to Get an Undercut? Fake It with This Braid Trick

If you're reluctant to buzz a layer of your hair, this will give you the look — and heat relief — without the commitment.
Publish date:
September 23, 2016
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I dwelled all summer on whether or not I should get an undercut. Making big hair decisions is something I take a lot of time on because I've grown out bangs a good five or six-ish times now, and honestly, it's just the worst.

But the plain old practicality of an undercut in the constant heat and humidity of New Orleans sounds really nice. I'm sitting down to write this after walking outside for maybe 20 minutes and my hair is a gross, sweaty mess sticking to my neck right now. I don't really feel cute about the whole thing.

So I finally figured out a way to Hannah-Montana-best-of-both-worlds my way through this decision and just fake an undercut. It was actually crazy easy once I sat down and did it.

To start off, you will need to section off the top of your hair and tie it on the top of your head so you don't accidentally braid part of it in. It's a huge pain to get a reasonably straight line, and I actually needed the help of two mirrors and a bobby pin to get the part as straight as I did, but if you want it perfect, you may need to call on the assistance of a friend.

Take all that nape-of-the-neck hair, flip it over to one side, and start a French braid on the opposite side. Now would be a good time to review braiding in general, because if you aren't comfortable doing a regular French braid down your hair, it's going to be a little more awkward doing it across your head.

Braid it all the way across until you have the braid extending from your head at least an inch or so; it makes tying it off much easier when you aren't contending with a swamp of hair like it looks in this picture.

I just used one of those clear elastics that you may have lying around, but you can use bobby pins if you get them nice and secure, or even secure it with an embellished hair clip.

That's it!

You can just leave all your hair down, which is fine but totally covers it up and is not really worth the effort of doing it in the first place, in my opinion.

I've been styling it in a side ponytail a lot because it's like a cute little peekaboo thing, but often the weight of the top of my hair will just cover it up, so to get the most out of your faux undercut I think it's best to style your hair up.

A bun plopped up on the crown of your head shows off the braid really nicely and is a fun change of pace from the traditional upside-down braid/bun situation.

Or, even easier, just pull your hair up into a high ponytail. The ponytail will cover up the tail of the braid, so if that bugs you with the bun, this is a better option.

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