12 Curly-Haired Role Models Who Give Me Serious Hair #Goals

If you're tired of "curly hair" meaning hair that's been straightened and then curled... UGH, same.

I've only started coming to terms with my naturally curly hair this past year. I've always had frizzy, wavy, curly hair, but it's only gotten curlier and curlier the past few years. (Shoutout to hormones. What CAN'T they mess with, huh?)

Dealing with curly hair is a lot like dealing with an ex. It's tempting to keep messing with it, to try something new, to see if you can make it work this time; but in the end, it's best to just set it free and let it do its own thing. Curly hair, like all good things, is wild and free. (Like how I'm working a Thoreau reference into this story? All my English majors, holla at me!)

Curly hair definitely needs a lot of moisture, and if you can find one or two styling products that work for you, then hoard them and use them forever. But the more you pick at it, run your fingers through it, or attempt to comb it, the worse it's gonna get. Girls on Tumblr are always talking about how much they love when boys play with their hair, but this is a joy I've sadly missed out on. Dudes, do NOT touch my hair. Thanks.

Fellow curlheads know it can be difficult to find hairspiration on the worldwide web. Every time I click on a story called something like "Here Are the Hottest Haircuts Right Now" or "This Year's Best Red Carpet Hair," I rarely to never see hair that looks anything like mine. It's all straight and glossy, or that slightly wavy "Rich Girl Hair" that I literally hate more than I hate any wrong ever committed against me, or it's "curly" hair that's clearly hair that was just blown-out straight and then curled with an iron. UGH. Throw me off a cliff.

If you're in need of some celebrities with legit curly hair you can turn to for styling tips and general inspiration, look no further. I've compiled a list of some of my favorites.


Arguably the most gifted artist to come out of Colombia since Gabriel García Márquez, Shakira has been hypnotizing the world with her undulating hips, killer voice and awe-inspiring hair since the early 2000s.

I know I'm biased, but I truly believe curly hair is just sexier than straight hair. It's so wild and unpredictable. I think Shakira can confirm my point.


Queen B's repped a lot of looks over the course of her reign, but my favorites are when she goes with big curls. Um, flawless. Yes.

Sarah Jessica Parker

The first few seasons of Sex and the City are well-known among fans and critics alike to be the best seasons of the show, and they're my favorite in terms of Carrie's hair as well. It's frizzy, the curl pattern is uneven, and it totally works. Love you, Carrie/'90s SJP. Please bring your wild hair back.

Debra Messing

Another victim of our contemporary flatiron/keratin fixation, Debra rocked some gorgeous red curls back in the Will & Grace heyday. (Side note: Imagine trying to make that show in 2015. The blogs would condemn you with "PROBLEMATIC" before the pilot even finished filming.)


I've been a huge fan of Solange for a long time. Between her music, her style, and her general presence in this world, she encompasses so many things I hope to one day achieve. Also, her hair is incredible and I love it.

Julia Roberts

Though she ALSO has succumbed to the pressure of straight hair, Julia's hair back in the day was the wild mane of my childhood dreams. Her pre-makeover hair in Pretty Woman is still my goal to this day.

Jillian Hervey

Half of the incredible neo-soul duo Lion Babe and daughter of Vanessa Williams, Jillian Hervey is a force to be reckoned with. After Marci told me about her, I lost most of an afternoon to simply Google image-searching this total babe.

St. Vincent

Also known as Annie Clark, Grammy award-winning musician St. Vincent has been a music industry darling for years. Her music is definitely what won me over at first, but as soon as I saw her curls, I knew I was in love for life. Just look at this angel.


I'm so glad Lorde exists. I think her music is genuinely good, I love her attitude, and most relevantly, I think she may be able to serve as an awesome hair role model for young girls today. Lorde's hair is big, curly and unapologetic. I adore it.

Merida from Brave

Cartoon characters can be inspiring too and it doesn't get much better than Merida's wild curls. I love how tangled and terrible they are! Whether my future children inherit my unruly hair or not, I will be sure to show them this film. It's fantastic.

Adrian Grenier

You didn't think I'd completely leave dudes off this list, did you? Of course not. Especially not when dudes as pretty as Adrian exist. Look at that face! And those curls! Sigh.

My Mom

OK, she's not technically famous. But, she's been my hair role model since I was a wee babe, and so she's worth mentioning.

My mom's battled her hair in her own way for a long time, but I've seen her come to terms with it over the last few years, and it's been very inspiring. Her curls are very similar to mine so I've been able to get some valuable tips from her. (It's mostly the same advice she gives me regarding my exes: "Rachie, leave that whole situation alone.")

My dad has curly hair, too, but he's been mostly bald since a few months after I was born (not my fault, I swear) so I've always looked to my mom for inspiration. My sister's hair was super-curly as a kid but it straightened out as she got older. As she began her early twenties a few years ago, though, her hair's grown curlier just like mine did, so now she and I have that to bond over, too.

Still looking for curly hair inspiration? Why not turn to some xoVain's curliest? Look no further than: Tamara, Taylor, Zoe, Victoria, Kara, or um, hi, me!

  • If you've got curly hair too, did it take you a while to come around to it? Should I start wearing my hair curly more often?
  • Who's your curly hair role model? Is it your mom? Show me your moms.